#AfterFajrGrind Quotes

What started as just a 30 Day Challenge, has continued to be one of iloveza.com's biggest successes in terms of increasing their Social Media following.

The 30 Day Challenge started on 21 July 2015 and ran till the 19 August 2015.

The aim of the 30 Day Challenge was to gain 3000 Instagram Followers, 3000 Twitter Followers, and 3000 Facebook Page Likes in just 30 days. Although they did not meet the goal the Instagram following was very close and a few days after the end date the target was reached. With over 6000 Followers currently on Instagram in just 6 months, the #AfterFajrGrind Quotes have proven to be a great success.

iloveza.com have decided to release a 12 Page calendar, where you can choose 12 of your best #AfterFajrGrind Quotes below. It's available for sale HERE.

Below are the links of the quotes per month:

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