A Day In The Life Of A Student

In today’s world where communication and connectivity are a vital part of everyday life, students need a tool that fits into their busy and varied days

Samsung Galaxy A6+
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Student life is peppered with variety – this is something a lot of university and college learners battle with during their first year. This includes not having a fixed time schedule and being organised enough to get to lectures and tutorials on time. Of course, their lives are also filled to the brim with social activities and with many students living away from home for the first time, it’s hard for them to say no.

But what does a day in the life of a student really look like and how does a great smartphone likeSamsung’s Galaxy A6+ make a difference? Firstly, Samsung users have the advantage of Bixby, a personal assistant to ensure that every schedule and deadline is managed and reminders are given in time to complete tasks. Students are also notoriously bad at being able to adequately nourish themselves. After all, mom simply isn’t around to cook those miraculous meals.

Remembering to eat can be a challenge as taking a dish out of the oven before it burns, but reminders can be set with Bixby so a meal won’t be missed or ruined.

Another thing students need to learn to do is multi-task. This means juggling assignments, to-do lists and research as well as schedules and social life all at once. App Pair is a feature that allows users to monitor and manage two apps simultaneously for a more fluid experience, making multi-tasking much easier. Bixby Home is an essential for busy student life too – it learns individual routines, remembers what’s important and works with installed apps to get things done.

Craige Fleischer, Vice President of Integrated Mobility for Samsung South Africa, says,

The Galaxy A6+ is the perfect tool for young people venturing into the world of tertiary education – developed with all the latest innovations, it’s allows for superior image capturing, multi-tasking and Samsung’s exceptional security.”

Keeping images and information is essential and easy with expandable microSD storage, of up to an additional 256GB. If that’s not enough, Samsung Cloud allows users to backup, sync, restore and upgrade data so access is easy no matter where, when or what is needed. Customers who purchase the Samsung Galaxy A6+ will also receive a complimentary 64gb memory card.

Whether its selfie time at the local coffee shop, or a more serious, assignment-orientated photoshoot, the three-level flash adjustments help avoid image degradation and glare when shooting during the day or night. The 24MP camera has a faster, wide aperture F1.9 lens that lets in more light when capturing images in darker environments. Live focus means users will manually adjust the depth of field before and after the photoshoot. Dual rear cameras with a 16MP and 5MP lens for depth sensing is coupled with an LED flash.


Then there’s the edge-to-edge screen. Being away from home probably means no access to a TV for down-time entertainment. The Galaxy A6+ features a 6-inch AMOLED Infinity Display that ensures fully immersive viewing of video and photographic content. But it’s not just about entertainment – spreadsheets, case studies and learning material are also viewed with ease.

“We’ve integrated all the latest and coolest technology into the Galaxy A6+, so anyone can enjoy the most advanced features on offer today. From selfies to serious portraiture, the camera assists with personal expression like no other,”

adds Fleischer.

Students aren’t known for holding back and of course excessive socialising is all part of the experience. But what happens when a late-night party intersects with the urgency of communicating with a lecturer?

Avoiding an embarrassing message like, ’you’re my favourite lecturer and I love you’ sent at midnight is easy with Dual Messenger. This allows users to connect two different chat accounts with favourite messenger apps, so keeping school and personal messaging apart is simple.

Anyone who has studied at a university or college understands that those are some of the best years of your life – capturing those moments and navigating the relative freedom as well as managing diverse timetables is essential to ensure every minute is truly lived.

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