A demonstration of worth

When a business owner hires a driver, they hire more than just someone to visit clients or move products from one point to another. That person also becomes a physical representation of a business by the manner in which they drive and someone who directly impacts the bottom line.


The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says the importance of knowing what kind of drivers represent your brand and knowing who you entrust a valuable asset to, is essential. “The trouble is that it is difficult to obtain accurate information about your employees’ driving habits unless you are always in the vehicle with them. Consequently, it can be challenging to truly understand the value of investing in your drivers.


MasterDrive saw the value many companies will receive by experiencing a first-hand demonstration of how driver training can help even your best driver become an even better driver. The MasterDemo programme was created to give company drivers the opportunity to spend some time with a trainer who can demonstrate the value and potential return on investment that driver training provides.”


Qualifying companies can request a demo and MasterDrive will handle the rest. “A trainer is sent to your organisation at a time and date that your drivers will be there. After a session (approximately 60 minutes) in the car, they will have identified areas where improvement can make a difference. Our 30 odd years in the business has shown that approximately 70% off drivers don’t meet our standard.”


Once a company receives this information, owners and fleet managers will better understand how the benefits of driver training can impact business. “Primary among these will be a reduction in crashes and the consequent expense, injuries and loss of life that accompanies this. Additional money will also be saved as better drivers require less maintenance on their vehicles and experience a typical 15% saving on fuel usage.”


“When you invest in your drivers, you show your appreciation for their efforts and your commitment to keep them safe on the roads as well. This alone produces better results from employees whether through higher productivity, greater loyalty or happier and healthier employees as they operate under less stressful conditions.”


If you are not convinced that driver training can have a significant impact, a MasterDemo may be what your organisation needs. “As companies struggle through the difficulties created by COVID-19 and lockdown, expenses need to be well justified. A MasterDemo, at no cost, will show you that driver training is not only justified but a necessity to save costs and contribute to safer roads for all,” says Herbert.

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