Ad-Port launches a Sustainable advertising model for Car Washes in Townships

With the ongoing requirement for entrepreneurs to get funding from government or assistance from private sector, its become more apparent that everyone needs to assist those who work within their communities and building opportunities for sustainability.

KMI & MaGents Car Wash
Image Supplied by Maxposure 

Having activated in many sectors of the market, Maxposure made the decision to get involved in assisting these communities by creating a real opportunity to uplift and ignite the spark of entrepreneurial spirit. 

Existing informal car wash sites in townships have struggled for years to create and beautify their immediate areas and enjoy an environment that owners of motor vehicles, from small inexpensive cars, to luxury vehicles and taxis, can feel comfortable that their vehicles will be taken care of.

Maxposure identified and targeted these car washes based on their current popularity, traffic and locality. They are then converted, upgraded and re-branded to MaGents Car Washes.  Part of the upgrade is the installation and implementation of the unique and novel Ad Ports structure, which has been locally designed and developed to facilitate outdoor advertising at a fraction of the traditional cost whilst providing the users with protection from the elements and creating a social meeting place.

Whilst the build of the rebranding and site re-development is undertaken and financed by AdPorts, the individual car wash operators are obliged to contribute a small share. This ensures commitment and responsibility from both parties.

In return for this, Ad-Ports retains the Advertising and Branding rights for the site for a period of 48 months subject and conditional to Local Council consent.

Further to the car wash re-brand and site upliftment, AdPorts will create Activation Zones on the sites. These activation zones have the potential to create further income for the operators, by not only charging for the space usage, but by generating more traffic to the car wash which results in more cars being washed.

The Idea of MaGents and Ad-Ports is a simple but unique proposition that has the ability to create employment. Entrepreneurs who in turn will create jobs and further benefits to the unemployed across the entire gender and age spectrum. (Over 18 years Old). The business model is not restricted to gender and hence the appeal is enormous for entrepreneurs, Advertisers and the local councils.

Whilst our concept has a social element, we are also a profit driven company and have been mindful of ensuring that our model is easy to administer and implement. The sustainability of the model is that it creates jobs which in turn stimulates the economy.

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