Behind the Scenes of Krispy Kreme and Bakers Doughnuts

Have you ever wondered about the process behind the different doughnut flavours that you see at Krispy Kreme?

Jolly Jammers, Nuttikrust, and Iced-Zoo Bakers Biscuit Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
Photo Credits Nabihah Plaatjes with Samsung Galaxy S9

While biting into a crunchy cinnamon flavoured icing and airy texture of the Krispy Kreme Baker's Nuttikrust doughnut, my initial thoughts were, "this delicious doughnut should be easy to make."

How many of us have thought that we could do a certain thing until we were actually put to the test?

Well last night, we were given an exclusive insight into Krispy Kreme's World Class Doughnuts with regards to how they were made and the conceptualisation of each flavour. 

With an intimate gathering of a few members of media and influencers, Kelly the Krispy Kreme South Africa Concept Chef, walked us through the process behind creating an idea, training her staff and then executing this brilliance to all the stores around South Africa. 

#KrispyKremeBakers Demo Evening at Krispy Kreme, Rosebank
Photo Credits Nabihah Plaatjes with Samsung Galaxy S9

After a doughnut is created, and an idea on how to flavour it is formed, it is then HAND MADE into those amazing flavours!

Once Kelly explained the concept and the process as well as demonstrated how to design the doughnut, we were each given a chance to try our hand at creating our favourite #KrispyKremeBakers Doughnut. 

I had tried to make the Bakers Nuttikrust flavoured Krispy Kreme Doughnut which seemed simple enough for me. The piping however, had me clutching at every strength that I had in order to make those signature Krispy Kreme lines on the doughnut, perfect.

It was nowhere near perfect!

Bakers Biscuits Nuttikrust Krispy Kreme Dougnut made by Nabihah Plaatjes
Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes with Samsung Galaxy S9

The Nuttikrust biscuits also had to be crushed in a certain way to give it that professional look... I was quite glad that the crushed biscuits and the Nuttikrust flavoured icing had already been prepared for me!

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