BESA Leadership Academy’s inaugural golf day a stellar success

BESA Leadership Academy was thrilled to join forces with the prestigious Eye of Africa Golf and Residential Estate to host its very first golf day on 8 June.

Left to right: Don Preddy (Managing Partner BESA LA), Leandro Pinto (Grade 12 learner BESA), Clint Preddy (Managing Partner BESA LA), Luca Gomes (Grade 9 leaner BESA).
Image Supplied by BESA Leadership Academy

The event – which featured 25 four-balls – was an exciting occasion, not just because it gave prospective parents and learners an opportunity to meet BESA’s dynamic staff and learn more about the school, its unique culture and forward-thinking approach, but also because experienced and beginner golfers alike had a chance to test their skills on a course that is fast becoming one of the most sought after in Johannesburg.

Says Clint Preddy, Managing Partner at BESA Leadership Academy,

“We were thrilled to work with Eye of Africa to host this exciting event and raise in excess of R30,000 for a new aircon system for our auditorium. Since the estate is but a stone’s throw from our school, it was an obvious partner of choice as we set out to share our learning philosophy with a wider audience. Eye of Africa also shares our outlook on the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle, and incorporating such activities as part of family time. We were pleased to see facilities like their new MTB trail which promote this, as we believe it is central to raising young people who are physically, emotionally and mentally equipped to face the challenges of the future.”

Established in 2010 with just 45 learners, BESA Leadership Academy now accommodates 150 students in grades 8 to 12.

The school is known for its personalised approach to education, with every staff member engaging to bring out the best in learners so that they can grow, develop and excel. The development of leadership skills and problem- solving abilities is central to the school’s philosophy and, although academic achievement is, of course, critical, the school aims to provide a holistic education that equips children to follow their dreams. With this in mind, there is strong emphasis on helping children develop empathy and respect for others, a goal achieved by fostering a moral ecosystem with a warm, home-from-home environment.

BESA Leadership Academy is particularly proud of its 100% pass rate; an accomplishment made possible by small classes with a maximum of 20 learners, where teachers are able to hone in on the strengths of each individual learner, according to Preddy.

“We were delighted with the response to our first golf day, and are looking forward to joining forces with Eye of Africa to host more special events in the future,”

Preddy concludes.

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