Easter ideas for keeping kids entertained

The Easter long weekend can be a magical time for the youngsters who celebrate the holiday.

Image Courtesy Mango Airlines

From the excitement of being visited by the Easter Bunny and the thrill of hunting for chocolate eggs in the garden. These are all very precious memories that will be cherished by your child for many years.

Because Mango Airlines is all about having fun, both in the sky and on dry land, we’ve put together some ideas for moms, pops and guardians to get the celebrations started this long weekend:

Throw an Easter party to remember!

This idea won’t cost an ‘arm and an egg’. Invite all the children in your neighbourhood to do some fun Egg-sperimenting:

The egg-and-spoon race: The neighbourhood champ will be that kid who can keep the egg steady on the spoon for the entire race and pip the competitors to the post.

Bunny racing: Put all the kids in their own empty potato sack or pillowcases (if big enough) and hop like bunnies on two feet, racing toward the finish line.

Approach a supermarket and ask for eggs that have reached their sell-by date for this next idea. Then pair the children up in twos, with each partner standing on opposite sides and a few meters apart. Start with throwing an egg back and forth. Once this is accomplished, children must then take a giant step backwards, and repeat the egg throwing. The idea is to see which pair can keep the egg from breaking and cracking on the ground.

This is one idea that won’t cost you much money and will keep the young ones entertained for hours:

Blowing out an egg and decorating it

Parentals should assist with the first couple of steps if the children are younger:

  • Make sure you delicately wash the fresh egg so you are working off of a clean base.
  • Use a pin or small nail to prick the egg (over a bowl) at the top and bottom of the egg. If the hole is too small, work the egg shell so that it gradually gets bigger in size.
  • Put your mouth over the hole at the top of the egg, and gently blow the insides of the egg out. Blow, and blow until you are sure you have most the egg out. (Parentals can use the blown-out egg for cooking)
  • Then wash the egg and put it aside to dry for a few hours. The shell is very delicate now, so be sure to handle it carefully.
  • Next is the fun part, once the egg is completely dry, stand it up in an egg-holder and begin to paint it in bright, happy colours and patterns. Don’t forget to use orange paint – it’s the colour of your favourite airline after all!


“I still remember my childhood Easters, where all the kids in the family would congregate together and go out hunting for chocolate marshmallow eggs. We’d all compare who found the most eggs, and then sit counting them for ages before splitting them equally between us all. Looking back, the Easter Bunny was very good to us,” jests Benediction Zubane, Head of Marketing at Mango Airlines.


“Despite Mango Airlines being a non-denominational airline we like to celebrate with all religions on their special holidays. This Easter, we encourage you to put the term, Ubuntu - meaning ‘humanity’ into practise by sharing what connects us all as humans.  We hope you enjoy our fun DIY ideas for mums, dads, and guardians, that will make the children in your lives very happy indeed!”


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