Global Fashion Retailer LC Waikiki to Launch First Store in South Africa

Menlyn Park Shopping Centre, home to first LC Waikiki Store

Global Fashion Retailer LC Waikiki to Launch First Store in South Africa at Menlyn
Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes 

LC Waikiki, global fashion retailer is opening three stores in South Africa this year! The store opening in Menlyn Mall, Pretoria on July 20th 2018, will be followed by Sandton City and Tiger Valley by the end of this year.

Carrying the LC Waikiki lines for women, men, teenagers and babies, the first store in South Africa will span over 2564 square feet. LC Waikiki brings a unique dynamic price management to a very competitive retail market which will see shoppers enjoy discounts on specific merchandise each week and monthly stock overhaul. With a big team of designers creating different lines of clothing, the company sells its own exclusive designs where approximately 436 million garments are sold a year and new goods delivered to the stores daily.

While many look at retail as a stepping stone to greater heights, Turkish based global fashion retailer LC Waikiki is making waves around its circles for giving its 42,000 passionate global employees opportunities to make a thriving career out of retail. The brand, which has more than 880 stores in three continents, is making its way to South Africa with the promise that “everyone deserves to dress well.” Serving the needs of the entire family, product ranges will encompass new-born, kids, teens; maternity and adult collections, people can dress according to their style and budget.

“LC Waikiki is the market leader in 15 of the 38 countries it operates in globally. Africa has great potential, and South Africa in particular, is a rising star throughout the world hence we have chosen to be in this market”,

says İlker Hacıoğlu - International Retail Assistant General Manager Africa & Asia.

Hacıoğlu explains that LC Waikiki has adopted a principle to bring quality and fashion to its consumers at an affordable price, as well as to give importance to quality in their products with their wide product range:

“Our customers visiting our store may purchase shoes and t-shirts at a price starting with 129 ZAR, jeans at a price starting with 299 ZAR, all containing LC Waikiki’s quality. We aim to offer quality products to our customers at affordable prices and carry out product quality studies with the consultancy of our professional team and in this direction, we created serious control stages in our production process. LC Waikiki, keeping human health ahead of everything, performs an average of 2400 ecological tests per day and 6000 tests in total.”

he adds.

About LC Waikiki

Founded in 1988 in France and operating as a Turkish based global fashion retailer since 1997, LC Waikiki enables people to enjoy "affordable fashion" in line with the company's motto: “Everyone Deserves to Dress Well”. LC Waikiki continues to grow for 30 years in Turkey and abroad. As being one of the leading brands of the ready-to-wear industry, LC Waikiki operates with more than 880 shops located in 38 countries and 42,000 employees.

The turnover in 2017 was 2.6 billion USD. 150 new stores are scheduled to open during the current financial year in 12 new countries including Greece, Croatia and Montenegro which are new markets for LC Waikiki. Together with these countries added, LC Waikiki aims to reach 50 countries, 1000 stores and 10 billion USD turnover in total.

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