Henrico Coetzer release Hoor my Woorde on all digital platforms

The twenty-seven-year-old singer of Pretoria’s unique velvety voice, Henrico Coetzer, was the name on everyone’s lips as one of the top 8 finalists in the second season of the kykNET talent competition, Maak My Famous... and he made sure he kept the spotlight on him, even after leaving the competition.  Shortly after his exit, he released his brand new single, HOOR MY WOORDE, and the good news is that this single was released on all digital platforms today, together with a beautiful music video!


Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0UbIh1Viwo

Download the single here: https://AIG.lnk.to/HoorMyWoordeMB


The music video was directed and produced by Deon van Wyk vervaardig and he worked on the concept with Henrico.  “We filmed the video in a studio in Centurion.  It took about four hours.  We kept the video simple, because the song already says so much and we did not want to draw the attention away from the incredibly beautiful lyrics that was written by Vaughan Gardiner.  I think the video is different because it is simple.  There is no storyline, because the song in itself is the story”, says Henrico.


HOOR MY WOORDE is a beautiful pop arrangement that was created to show fans that he is positive about the future and has a lot of plans up his sleeve.   The catchy tune is not only a pleasure to listen to, but also remains in your head long after hearing it for the first time and invites you to sing along.


HOOR MY WOORDE, which currently features on many charts of several radio stations is his third single and follows in the successful footsteps of his previous hit, Soos Reën, which also topped the charts of radio stations nationwide.


Henrico is definitely busy establishing a permanent place for himself in the South African music industry and with HOOR MY WOORDE he is taking a step in the right direction with its hopeful message that resonates with anyone who has ever needed a little extra motivation during difficult times.

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