Historic launch of a Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre (FEIC), in Chatsworth.

The African Dream Foundation will be launching a state-of-the-art technology centre to support its financial literacy programme at the Meadowlands Technical High School (FEIC), worth an estimated value of half a million rand, on Wednesday, 24 October 2018, 10 am.


Students of Meadowlands Technical High School (Chatsworth), listen intently to African Dream Foundation (AFD) founder, Brian Moodley’s financial advice.
Image Supplied by the African Dream Foundation


The launch of the foundation’s Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre (FEIC), is the brainchild of Mr Brian Moodley and founder of The African Dream Foundation NPC.

This centre was sponsored by the foundation and the programme will be rolled out in 2019, in partnership with Old Mutual and The Institute of Business Advisors Southern Africa (IBASA). The programme will incorporate a three-pillar model approach, i.e. Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

“The primary aim of the programme is to educate learners and make them financially literate, as well as create a culture of entrepreneurial and innovative thinking whilst at high-school. The secondary aim of the programme is to extend the facilities of this centre of excellence to the families of learners, the greater community at large, and SME’s, hence empowering people with financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills, helping with poverty alleviation and reducing unemployment in our communities,”

said Mr Moodley.

Principle SV Naidoo, echoed the importance of this historic launch, citing the long-term generational benefits of the financial literacy programme.

“When students learn to manage their finances properly, they will learn to save their money and in time grow their compound interest, increasing their wealth. This leads to better financial decisions and a decrease in poverty, which helps future generations to also break the cycle,”

he said.


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