Home delivery of meals on the up and up

The readymade meal home delivery industry is on the up and up due many factors but it’s important to understand and know that more and more consumers are now expecting healthy options rather than the usual fast food take outs.


It is also true to say that more and more families have either two working parents, single parent households or those younger singles (which forms a large portion of our population) who have a million things to do daily, school drops offs, working a full day, kids extra mural activities and more. One would l rather spend  precious leisure time doing things they want, either going to gym, reading your child a bed time story, getting to have lunch with the girls or even just taking time out, rather than slave over a stove.


In saying that, we as consumers are also more aware about our options and look to quality foods as well as convenience.


Local, fresh as opposed to processed food is definitely on the way in according to Wolfe Research. Also according to world research at Wolfe, the growth in this sector is also growing amongst the millennials – who value quality of life.


We also want to know where our food is coming from and the overarching trend is healthy fresh and local. In fact, the current need for accessible, wholesome foods remains high, and this need will only grow as the population increases.


Local Durban food Delivery Company My Chef, for the past ten years has and continues to provide a large variety of consumer meal options, high quality and also very importantly convenience. Therefore providing customers a brand they can trust.


My Chef also provide frozen foods but again ensuring that they only use high quality ingredients in each and every one of their meals, full of goodness for the whole family.


“We fundamentally provide wholesomeness; deliciousness and affordable meals are mutually exclusive concepts in our ready-made meals.”


So many working people lead busy lifestyles, work longer hours but still insist on healthy structured meals and we at My Chef provide just that,” adds Jackson.

So log onto www.mychef.co.za and now recently introduced enjoy Express – a new offering from My Chef. Order before 1pm and get same day delivery. Orders after 1pm – delivery will be made the very next day. Monday to Friday. Call 086 169 2433 now.

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