Josh Middleton Releases 2nd Studio Album "A Mild Case of Insomnia"

Today, Josh Middleton releases his second studio album “A Mild Case of Insomnia” and it is so good, you might develop a mild case of insomnia from not being able to stop listening to it. Grab the album now across all digital platforms - 
Josh Middleton has had quite an incredible year, and he is not stopping anytime soon with the release of his second studio album “A Mild Case of Insomnia” and his 3rd single of 2020 “Than You Do” to accompany it. This release is his  final taste and tease for what there is to expect from the album, proving his talent and hard work once again with achieving so much in 2020, despite the hard year that 2020 has been for many of us. From a GQ and Glamour feature, having his singles chart on top national radio stations across the country and receiving international success, he isn’t stopping yet with the release of his second studio album at just 18 years old. “A Mild Case of Insomnia” is an 8 track album featuring hit singles like “Caught Up”, “Somebody (Sorry),  and “Stay”, which have all seen massive radio and digital streaming platform success, and no less will be expected for the album. In this album, you can expect to see a rebirth of artistry, unforgettable melodies, lyrics of vast depth, singles of high energy and soulful anthemic chorus’s, contrasted with light-hearted and relatable tracks too. 
To produce and record the majority of the songs on this album, Middleton worked alongside long-time producer, Crighton Goodwill of Good Noise Productions. The pair make use of multiple live instruments allowing Josh’s vocals to take centre stage. Middleton also collaborates with BadFuture’s, Paul Gala, on singles like “Somebody (Sorry)” which is also featured on the album.
As a final taste and tease for what is to expect from the album and to celebrate its release, Josh releases his next single, “Than You Do” with a music video  
“A Mild Case of Insomnia” is an alternative pop album that shows more depth to this incredible artist and songwriter, as a young gentleman wise beyond his years.
Josh Middleton runs track-by-track through the album, giving listeners a deeper understanding of each song:
1. Float - Symbolises a rebirth of artistry, a gateway into a new era, strongly connected to the underwater theme of “A MILD CASE OF INSOMNIA”. Serene waves set the tone for further tracks, which is followed by a subtle rhythm that leads into an unforgettable melodic guitar genius. 
2. Caught Up
The first single off “A MILD CASE OF INSOMNIA” is titled “Caught Up” and is laced with unique foot-tapping bass and consists of an impossibly catchy hook that a true high-energy pop chorus should hold including a vocal edge. The song takes you on a journey through musical lifts and falls for the listener to truly connect emotionally with relatable lyrics which will give you a peek into the mind and heart of this soulful artist.
3. Lost
The third track titled “Lost” is dedicated to a friend of Josh’s and touches on the losses of depression and suicide. 
4. Alright
Written as a light-hearted escape. It’s mellow, self-empowering, and motivational, complimented by an unforgettable melody, acoustic guitar and beat that will make a head-bopping listen. 
5. Than You Do
The fifth track, and third single is titled “Than You Do” was written as part of an anti-social divide of the modern age. Middleton explains, “There is a huge anti-social divide within my generation, forming relationships and being intimate have become so much harder, how can you learn how to hold a girls hand, if all you’ve been holding your whole life is your iPhone. The tracks lyrics expand upon being closer with each other, holding each other closer than you do.”
6. Somebody (Sorry)
“Somebody (Sorry)” was released as the second single from the album, and took Josh two years to write. It is a soulful anthem, with a twist of dark-pop about being human and being alone, but with the mutual feeling of the fact that everyone needs somebody.  
7. Freedom
“Freedom” is embraced as a R&B soulful anthem that consists of intricate melody’s and instruments that touch on a more intense genre, of rock. Middleton explains, “I’ve always wanted to create an anthem that could enable me to let go and be free.”
8. Stay 
The eighth track, and roots of the album titled “Stay” introduced a more accoustic sound to the entire project.

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