Kyle September releases music video for summer hit, Sweetness

A couple of weeks ago, Kyle September, released his feel-good, fun, and festive summer single, SWEETNESS and this upbeat, sing-along pop song can already be heard playing on many radio stations nationwide.

Kyle September
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Now it is time to release the music video and this video definitely compliments the song as a summer song that can be played at your pool parties or clubs or jamming in your car on the way to work. 

Like the director of the music video, Cole Matthews says:


It’s a total slapper”.



The message behind the music video is to portray the fun, hot and festive summer vibe that’s present in the music, while alluding to the joy one finds in a soul mate (or anyone/anything that brings sweetness into one’s life), as described in the lyrics”,


says Kyle.



The video was shot at Studio 9 in Randburg and produced by Cole Matthews and Claudia Somjen. 

Sweetness is a summer single. Fundamentally, we felt this suited something more light and fun, so we wanted to get across this idea of summer fun and indulgence. Sweet candy or fruit tends to be blasted with colour, so we used colour as our key visual device to draw that parallel”,


says Cole. 

Cole further shares that the most interesting thing about the set was that it was an unconventionally small crew that had to do work that typically would be done by more people.  The Director of Photography, Gavin Pincus, didn't have any assistants, but blasted his way through setting up 48 shots in under 10 hours.  

Watch the video here:

This single is already becoming a summer anthem and the video shows Kyle as the talented, skilled, fun and entertaining artist that he is. 

Crew List: 

Director: Cole Matthews

Producer: Cole Matthews, Claudia Somjen

Director of Photography: Gavin Pincus

Editing: Neil de Almeida
Make-up: Andy Simoes

Dancers: Nina Erasmus, Mahashe, Alban Gamuti

Production Design, Wardrobe: Cole Matthews

Food Styling: Claudia Somjen, Cole Matthews, Brittney Mclean

Giant Cupcake Baker: ButterCupCakes - Brittney Mclean

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