Mitsubishi Motors arrives in Cape Town after the 2 500 km WESBANK SA Fuel Economy Tour with lots of fuel left

Each of the four Mitsubishi models entered for the inaugural WesBank Fuel Economy Tour, which covered 2 500 km over five days across South Africa, improved their indicated launch-time fuel consumption figures in tough real-world conditions which ended in Cape Town on Saturday (16 November).

Starting in Johannesburg on Tuesday last week, the Economy Tour took a convoy of competing vehicles on normal roads to Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth and George before finishing in Cape Town.

"Our products have been proven in these real-life conditions that they are not only known for quality, value and design, but also outstanding fuel economy,"

says Nic Campbell, General Manager of Mitsubishi Motors South Africa.

"As this inaugural fuel economy tour proved, this is the kind of consumption any owner of our products can achieve, especially those driving the Triton or Eclipse Cross, showing 0,7 and 0,8 litres per 100 km improvement on their respective European consumption test figures released at model launch."

Campbell added that the conditions were challenging, especially driving through KZN on Tuesday when a devastating tornado hit the province near the provincial capital. Heavy rains caused flooding and widespread damage along the WesBank SA Fuel Economy Tour route on its way to Durban.

The convoy tackled vastly different road and traffic conditions as competitors drove from Durban to East London and again faced dangerous conditions as the SA Weather Service forecast heavy rain and storms for the southern Cape. By contrast to conditions on the first day, the rest of the five-day tour had no roadworks, but took the convoy inland through Kokstad, Mthatha and Butterworth along twisty, hilly and mainly single-lane roads with rather heavy traffic through the various towns.

"The second day of the 2 500 km route was always going to be the toughest,"

explained Chief Organiser Charl Wilken.

Although the route with less highway driving and more rural roads with winding mountain passes played havoc with the fuel consumption of the whole fleet, it was no match for the Mitsubishi Motors' team of competitors in a Triton 4x2 M/T, Pajero Sport 4x2 A/T, ASX 4x2 M/T and Eclipse Cross 4x2 CVT all the way through the remaining three days via Port Elizabeth on Thursday, George on Friday and the finish in Cape Town on Saturday.

"Mother Nature showed her teeth with much-needed rain in the drought-stricken south eastern parts of the country, but each of our Mitsubishi products showed their grunt and drove along with gulping down fuel,"

says Campbell.

Some of the Mitsubishi models' traits that supported their performance in the WesBank SA Fuel Economy Tour include:

  • Maintaining your Mitsubishi vehicle by regularly having it serviced at any of Mitsubishi Motors' 54 dealerships all over South Africa (including Namibia, Botswana and Lesotho) at its predetermined service intervals,
  • Ensuring good tyre care by maintaining proper tyre pressure and regularly inspecting the rubber for damage and wear & tear,
  • Driving defensively and planning your trip to avoid urban traffic congestion or heavy traffic on the open road, and
  • By accelerating gently while keeping to the speed limit or designated speed in varying conditions.

The Mitsubishi teams taking their different Mitsubishi models from Johannesburg to Cape Town via Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth and George along the coast were:

  • Driver Gerhard Schutte and navigator Buks Carolyn, Mitsubishi Triton 4x2 M/T
  • Driver Cobus Grobbelaar and navigator Robert Thompson, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 4x2 A/T
  • Driver Johan Bekker and navigator Carl Jansen van Vuuren, Mitsubishi ASX M/T
  • Husband and wife Schalk (driver) and Susan (navigator) van Niekerk, Eclipse Cross 4x2 CVT

Team Mitsubishi Motors' results:

Mitsubishi Triton 4x2 M/T: Factory consumption tested: 7.5l/100 km; now 6.8l/100 km

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 4x2 A/T: Factory consumption tested: 8l/100 km; now 7.9l/100 km;

Mitsubishi ASX 4x2 M/T: Factory consumption tested: 7.5l/100 km; now 7.2l/100 km;

Eclipse Cross 4x2 CVT: Factory consumption tested: 8.1l/100 km; now 7.3l/100 km

"The main objective of our participation in the WesBank SA Fuel Economy Tour was to prove to our customers that our vehicles return realistic fuel consumption figures on a road trip,"

concludes Campbell.

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