Mpact Recycling in partnership with Mrs. SA visits Boepakitso Primary School for National Recycling Day

To celebrate National Recycling Day (15-09-18), Mpact Recycling and Mrs. South Africa finalists spent the day educating pupils from Soweto’s Boepakitso Primary School on the importance of recycling.


The day’s event entailed Mpact Recycling’s representatives raising awareness on what recyclables are and encouraging Boepakitso’s pupils to form part of the recycling community in their neighborhoods.

Pupils were treated to presentations delivered by Mrs. South Africa finalists and Mpact Recycling representatives.

Donna-Mari Noble, Communications Manager of Mpact Recycling, said the purpose of the day was to educate pupils on the benefits recycling has on the environment and what they as children could do to make a difference.

“Young people are often more enthusiastic about things. Teaching children from a young age about the importance of recycling ensures that there is long term sustainability and they get to understand how their actions of today will affect how this world looks like tomorrow. These initiatives also motivate pupils into becoming champions of recycling, be it at home, at school or in their communities,”

says Noble.

The visit to Boepakitso Primary School was in line with National Recycling Day which was on September 15 and Clean-up and Recycle SA Week, which took place on from 10 - 16 September 2018, with various clean-ups taking place in various neighborhoods, water sources and beaches around the country.

Last year Mpact Recycling recycled over 600,000 tonnes of paper, cartons and PET bottles.

“Through continuously renewing our efforts and educating as many people as possible, especially young people on recycling, we can counter the scourge of pollution and make this world a cleaner and healthier one. Although clean-up and recycle week may have come to an end, Mpact Recycling remains fully committed to creating sustainability by promoting recycling all year. We owe it to future generations, such as the pupils of Boepakitso Primary School,”

concludes Noble. 

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