Silex street art comes to Sci-Bono Discovery Centre

Internationally acclaimed street artist extraordinaire, Silex will create a mural in a day at the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre, on Friday, 14 September 2018.

The Sci-Bono Discovery Centre
Image courtesy of Sci-Bono


Silex begins work at 10am. His work in progress will be open for media viewing from around noon.

Silex is the creative mind (and master) behind the Silex Project, a French street art initiative that was founded last year and that has travelled around the world.

It’s a voyage into ancient times, drawing on both the primal and the artistic. Silex is especially interested in the origins of humanity, how people have evolved and why we have evolved into what we are today. Silex questions our relationships with each other and with the natural environment. That the cityscape is Silex's canvas, draws the built environment into his examination of what humanity is, and how people have (literally) constructed an environment that both builds and destroys.

Right now, Sci-Bono Discovery Centre is host to Wonders of Rock Art: The Lascaux Caves in Africa. This exhibition shows panels of the 17 000-year-old world-famous Lascaux cave paintings alongside the paleolithic and intriguing rock art of southern Africa. That Silex has chosen this site for this South African Silex work points to the significance of the larger exhibition. This is the only time ever that the Lascaux replica panels will be exhibited alongside both the rock art of South Africa and alongside Silex street art.

Dr More Chakane, chief executive at Sci-Bono Discovery Centre urges Johannesburg residents to take full advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to view this unique exhibition.

As the Lascaux cave paintings were discovered in September (in 1940), Sci-Bono has slashed ticket prices: adults get in for R70 and children get in for R50.

This is a beautiful and fascinating exhibition, and it’s only here until October 1. I encourage everyone to come and view the exhibition, and see these rare and precious masterpieces and the work of a most celebrated and admired modern street artist.” 



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