South Africans have joined the rest of the world in embracing cryptocurrency as a means of trade, investment and financial growth. A recent survey by Broadband has found that 78% of respondents own or have owned cryptocurrency. Of those who own or have owned cryptocurrency, 57% have made a profit from their investment. The findings come after a roller coaster performance by cryptocurrencies over the past 12 months, with huge highs and fast dips.


Local based company, Kagiso Interactive, with roots across Africa and the Middle East, has recently joined the cryptocurrency market by developing an A.I enabled investment cryptocurrency coin. Their latest venture, KRYPEUM, incorporates the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning and their proprietary trading algorithms.

“All of these areas are combined to produce a single predictive model that trades a portfolio of over 80 tokenized blockchain assets on the Krypteum coin holder’s behalf. Yes there’s the magic! Their A.I system trades these coins 24 hours a day 7 days a week for you.” says Priven Reddy, CEO of Kagiso Interactive.  


Moving on to the accuracy of their system, their predictive model encompasses 9 areas of strategy. These include your conventional indicators such as Fundamental, Historical and Technical analysis but extends to social media activity, activity of other traders, geo-political events and actual news sources such as CNN and Bloomberg. All of these areas of strategy are provided to the system by means of multiple live feed data sources including autochartist, Bloomberg LP, eToro, OANDA, Thompson Reuters, Google Trends any many more.


“From where I see it this is the way forward not only in the cryptocurrency investment space but the investment industry as a whole! Krypteum is finally making available technology and opportunities that have previously only been available to the financial elite,” he says.

Despite being launched recently, Krypteum already sports an asset base of R4-billion. To purchase coins and view the whitepaper visit


Kagiso Interactive's is regarded as one of the world leaders in advanced software development and consistently voted the best mobile applications developers in Africa and the Middle East, with a client list including the likes of Google and Marvel Comics there’s obviously no shortage of skills in this team.

Reddy himself is a self-made billionaire, starting off as a waiter and moving on to become one of the leading App developers in the world.

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