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At their core, successful businesses have functional, cohesive, and efficient teams. However, discovering and playing to every team member’s strengths can be challenging. That is where profiling comes in.


The 21st century is an Era of knowing the truth and having accurate and reliable facts about anybody you employ and or do business with. Know the strengths and weaknesses of those you manage.


Unlock your Team's performance, with our cutting-edge corporate training, integrating facial profiling to uncover hidden potential and embrace performance.


Profiling provides management and team members with an understanding of how to apply each other’s qualities and capabilities to the best effect, allowing for the formation of strong and productive teams who respect each other for what they bring to the business, and promote honesty and increased efficiency in the workplace.


What is facial profiling?


According to Dr Lizelle Grobler, a certified profiler, and forensic psychophysiologist with a PhD in metaphysical science, and a master’s degree in neuro-linguistic programming, your personality is reflected in your face.


But it’s about more than just your facial expressions. Proper facial profiling reveals valuable information about who someone is or what their needs are.


By applying this technique to potential clients, your marketing and sales team can learn to read them within a few minutes and know exactly what they want and how to handle them. This can help members of your team make informed decisions to ensure successful sales.


The left and right-sided facial features reflect your private (left) and public (right) persona. The left reveals a more intimate and personal character reading, and the right reveals your workplace and social self.


It’s about shapes, lines, sizes, angles, and position, the exposure of your eyelid, and the fullness of your brows. From your forehead to your chin, your face provides for a holistic interpretation of personality and behaviour.


To demonstrate this principle, Lizelle recently analysed the well-known actor Tom Cruise’s face (see attached photo).


For example, Tom’s slanted forehead (top left) reveals that he is someone who easily remembers facts and processes and uses his knowledge and experience to solve problems quickly and effectively.


His straight nose (bottom left) indicates that he is a logical and practical long-term strategic planner, always looking for smart and efficient ways to complete tasks.


Dense, straight eyebrows (top right), like his, are a visible sign of intelligence. It also shows that he is very logical and factual, enjoys challenges, and might be impatient with those who take longer to solve problems than he does.


Lastly, his strong jawline (bottom right) speaks to his strong, courageous, and determined character, possibly making him someone who is sometimes considered stubborn.


By applying only this basic analysis, you already get a very clear picture of who a person is and how you can utilise or approach them.


“Identifying a person’s strengths and limitations, uncovering their communication style, highlighting their value to the business, and discovering what motivates them is invaluable for modern businesses,”

 says Lizelle.


This remarkable woman, with her unique skillset, assists companies in getting the best out of their personnel. She teaches human resource teams to use profiling to drive employee performance and has already worked with numerous major corporate businesses across the country, including Sabi Sands, the AndBeyond Group, Phoenix Security and Sefateng Chrome Mine, to name just a few.


Besides helping shape high-performing teams, Lizelle has a passion for empowering women. As a qualified trauma councillor and life coach she is involved in several projects aimed at women.


“My goal is to teach women to embrace their uniqueness and use it to their advantage. I want to help them not only reach their potential but to push their limits beyond what they dream possible.”


She is currently working on several exciting projects, including Enchanting Warrior Camps for women and a specialized, one-of-a-kind training program.

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