The Best in Live Streaming Partners with The Best Friend in Comedy

Inhome entertainment just got funnier. The best in live streaming partners with the best friend in comedy, 'Goliath's Go Live' with, 2PM has never been funnier.


Donovan Goliath, Jason Goliath, and Nick Goliath
Image Supplied by Goliath and Goliath 

2PM has never been more entertaining since the launch of “GOLIATH’S GO LIVE”; a partnership between entertainment comedic brand GOLIATH and GOLIATH and South Africa’s most pioneering live-streaming internet portal, 

Initially only designed to introduce fans to the infectious energy and dynamic of comedians Jason, Nick and Donovan Goliath on one platform for the first time, the purpose of the show took a serendipitous turn at the arrival of Covid-19.  

“GOLIATH’s GO LIVE” is a talk show that also serves to help generate cashflow back into the industry and is an invitation for brands and industry to jump on the emanate 4th industrial revolution train. 

“It was serendipitous. Just before lockdown  we were brainstorming ideas of a live talk show on Instagram, but hit certain roadblocks in terms of producing a show of high quality in terms of streaming. During this period Adriaan Gerber from Mushroom Broadcast, the entrepreneurial company behind, called and asked whether we had any content ideas to host on their website or stream live. We have worked with them before, they are the best in live-streaming and offered a solution with a full technical compliment . The rest is history they say”,

said Kate Goliath, MD of GOLIATH and GOLIATH.

Hosted by Nicholas Goliath, “GOLIATH’S GO LIVE” streams daily at 14h00 on Instead of making Covid-19 jokes; because to them the situation is really not funny, the comedic trio, Jason, Nicholas and Donovan Goliath, along with the best in live streaming technology,; delivers an authentic and hilarious relief to the realities of the pandemic.

Checking in on the entertainment industry, which is arguably the hardest hit industry during this lockdown. 

Imagine up to 6 months of forecasted income disappearing, then lingering, like a bad joke or comedy death on stage; hard to bare and swallow, but the show must still go on!

What can viewers expect? Two interview segments with the 3 comedians and a guest from the entertainment industry. Discussing everything from how they are holding it down, what they are working on, to the content that is out there and the best memes. All with the sole aim of making you laugh and affording viewers the opportunity to see that Covid-19 does not discriminate and to hear what our comedians, celebs and other individuals of influence are doing to keep sane.

The show is authentic and a little nostalgic. Audiences get to listen in on a conversation that is relatable, and in a format,  they have never experienced before with humor connecting and drawing them in a little closer. “GOLIATH and GOLIATH do warn that “GOLIATH’s GO LIVE” is not for kids.

“Audiences can expect a little naughty, a little nice, sometimes too much spice, but always funny. 14h00 is a great time for a 40min personal break and for kids to do homework, tidy their rooms or start that DIY craft project”

says Kate Goliath

The first installment of “GOLIATH’s GO LIVE”  went live on the 31 of March and have been streaming every day at 14h00 for 40 min. The live talk show is doing well and their viewership numbers have jumped from 500 viewers on day one, to 6500 in one week. 

Formed in 2010 as Africa’s pioneering live stream company, has been at the forefront of the industry since inception. They have produced over 300 successful live streams ranging from massive live concerts, brand activations, conferences, fashion shows, sporting events, online teaching and much more. 

“I am so happy to be involved and trusted by the Goliath’s, the guys are honest and that’s what makes them funny! The show is a thrill every day and matches up to the excitement of other shows we live streamed like Global Citizen and Ultra”,

says Adriaan Gerber,

Previous episodes of “GOLIATH’s GO LIVE”  can still be viewed on , so newbies can catch up on the conversation between Nicholas, Donovan and Jason and their celebrity guests. To date the talk show hosted the likes of Mark Lottering, Siv Ngesi, Coconut Kelz, Basket Mouth, Calvin Goldstone,

Ntosh Madlingozi and Dan Nichol. But this is just the beginning. The talk show is just over a week old and the platform affords them access to South African celebrities and people of influence from all over the continent and the world. So audiences are encouraged to stay up to date about upcoming guests by following and GOLIATH and GOLIATH on social media.

GOLIATH and GOLIATH and are giving audiences this lockdown season for free to get the ball rolling, but they can’t do it indefinitely and will need help!

They are calling on brands to get involved by sponsoring the comedy and soon to be launched, “music series” to keep the stream free-to-view content of the highest international standards. It is also an invitation to brands and the entertainment industry to get creative and share ideas. The result? The world will get to watch an amazing show with local artists performing on a global platform, garnering a local and international audience. 

“GOLIATH’S GO LIVE” brings the best LIVE comedy, right from their homes into yours. A light-hearted comedic take on lockdown 101, along with segments like the weather (from their windows), and the ‘Millennials’ take on the pandemic’ from comedian Lindy Johnson. 

If you want something silly to be featured, post it and tag #GoliathsGoLive and #SkyRoomLive and let’s see if these funny people think it’s funny too!

Please show your support to the industry when they need it most.  

#TheShowMustGoOn while we #StayAtHome


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