Truecaller Launches Chat Feature Within Its App

A free instant message solution available to 300 million Truecaller users with inbuilt spam and fake news protection

Truecaller today announced the launch of its instant messaging (IM) platform ‘Truecaller Chat’. The platform aims to make communication safer and to prevent fake news from circulating, the IM platform will allow its 300 million users to report links, ensuring that users do not circulate fake news.

With the rise of social media across a multitude of platforms, the term “fake news” has become an ever-familiar phrase for South Africans. Fake news stories have become uncontrollable over social platforms due to the ease of sharing, including fake news sites springing up rapidly and going undetected. Truecaller, with the help from its community, has launched the new chat service as a shield against viral messages sent on its instant messaging platform. Users will be able to mark website links as spam if they suspect it to have incorrect information, which will then help users make an informed decision about what information they are accessing. With time, Truecaller also plans to apply machine learning and use the aggregated spam reports to predict any upcoming viral trends.

Additionally, ‘Truecaller Chat’ is bundled with other features such as, auto-switch between SMS and Chat, which will help users keep conversations in one place. Other features include full media support and more that will provide its users with a polished and enjoyable experience.

Commenting on the launch, Rishit Jhunjhunwala, VP Products at Truecaller, said,

“As a one-stop communication platform, the IM service will help users to connect and collaborate to combat the issue of spam. We’re confident that this foundation stone will help build a strong spam-free community.”

South Africa has seen its fair share of fake news over the years, by providing a messaging service with capabilities to tackle fake links, Truecaller is taking a big step towards curbing the problems caused by spam and false information going viral. Truecaller has helped erode spam calls faced by users through Caller ID including strengthening SMS inboxes by filtering unwanted messages. As a step to curb the spread of erroneous information.

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