What would the world be like without printing?

Let’s face it, buying groceries can be anything from extremely boring to very frustrating – especially when shoppers are on the run; on the way to fetching the kids from school or on route home from work after a busy day.

Tino Chinyani on The Morning Show
Image Supplied by Printing SA

Now imagine if none of the food items were labeled.

In collaboration with Printing SA, catch ETV’s “The Morning Show” presenter Tino Chinyani (between 6am & 8am on Tuesday, July 31st) navigate the supermarket aisles and try to buy something when confronted with shelves of identical silver unlabeled tins and trying to tell the baked beans from the strawberry jam. 

Printing SA will be showcasing the importance of the printing, labelling and packaging industry in a humorous, yet real life setting.

For more information go to https://www.facebook.com/OfficialPrintingSA

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