Women in Transport a success

Last week MasterDrive and PinkDrive hosted their second event during both transport month and breast cancer awareness month.

Women in Transport a success
Image Supplied by MasterDrive

The event recognises both the transport industry and brings awareness to breast cancer. This years’ event, with the theme of Women in Transport, proved even more successful than last year’s event.

The urban lady’s guide to safer driving

A new feature to this years’ event, a panel discussion featuring leading voices from various industries, provided members of the audience with interesting and useful information.

The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says the panel embraced the topic of what the urban lady needs to be safer on the roads.

“Our audience members provided the panelists with some thought-provoking questions which encouraged everyone present to think differently about their safety on the roads.

“An interactive audience was an essential component of a successful event. We wanted our panelists to share their knowledge while also creating an opportunity for the audience to ask specific questions that were important to their own safety on the roads. Everyone participated enthusiastically, far surpassing our own expectations even.”

The first panel member was Justine Clackworthy, the sales manager at MasterDrive. She shared information on how driver training can equip you to better avoid crashes on the roads compared to just your K53 alone.

Megan Hatting, an insurance underwriter at Hollard, spoke about how insurance coverage gives drivers a sense of security on South African roads. As she hails from the commercial insurance sphere she also shared information on how drivers can safely share the roads with trucks. To this end, Hollard’s Highway Heroes recognises the best truck driver on South African roads each year.   

The general manager of sales at Cartrack, Rosemarie van den Heever, provided the audience with valuable information on how to make a smart choice when choosing your telematics providers. There has been massive growth in the industry and there are already a couple hundred companies offering these services.

Peggie Mars is from Wheel Well, a non-profit organisation educating parents on how to keep children safe in the car while also helping provide car seats to families that cannot afford them. She enlightened the audience about how a car seat can make the difference between life and death and the seriousness of injuries.

The next panellist was Olebile Molaoa, the national sales operations manager at Heineken. Olebile shared information about their campaign to encourage people to never drive if you drink and rather make use of the many, safer alternatives.

Find out more about their campaign here.

The last panelist was Pertunia Sibanyoni, the CEO of Inspectacar which is certified by Wesbank. Pre-owned cars are more commonly purchased than new ones. Ensuring that you make the right choice is essential and Pertunia provided us with a number of tips to consider when making a purchase.

Practical demonstrations

Loraine Garson from PinkDrive revealed some action-provoking information during her presentation.

The marketing manager for PinkDrive, Fébé Meyer says:

“We were able to answer questions and provide clinical breast examinations. This is what makes any event worthwhile as through this collaboration we can touch and possibly save lives. It is truly an enjoyable experience with great knowledge sharing and helpful tips.”

The morning concluded with presentations by Lauren Slade from ModernEyes, Mark Grobbelaar from WomenInPowered and a hijack risk management presentation from MasterDrive. Audience members were also treated to a number of prizes throughout the morning from Estee Lauder, Hollard, Cartrack, MasterDrive, Body Stress Release and ModernEyes.

The day would not have been such a success without the support of everyone there.

“From the audience members, to Toyota who provided the venue and brunch, to the sponsors and speakers; everyone committed to the initiative unreservedly. We truly did make a difference together,”

says Herbert.

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