Competitions/ Giveaways Package

Duration: We usually run a competition for at least two weeks, to create maximum exposure for the client.

Contents of the package: The competition package includes the following:

  • 1 x Website Post
  • 1 x Facebook Post
  • 1 x Tweet
  • 2 x Instagram Stories
  • 1 x Facebook Story
  • 1 x WhatsApp Story


  • A post is created on our registered business website (
  • The post falls under the "Competitions" sub-heading on our website.
  • This post includes the instruction of a valid entry to the competition - which includes any hashtags that should be used, the terms and conditions, and what the prize entails.
  • This becomes the "go-to" link for the competition.


  • A post is created on our Facebook business page (
  • We share some of the competition instructions there together with the link that we have created on our website.
  • The Facebook post is also shared into relevant groups, as well as on three of our personal profiles (at's sole discretion)


  • A post is created for Twitter on our business page (@ilovezacom)
  • The website link is shared together with a few instructions.
  • The tweet is shared on two of our personal Twitter profiles (at's sole discretion)


  • An Instagram story is created on our business page (@ilovezacom) with the competition instructions and the link to the page on our website. 


  • We also do a "reminder" post in our business ( Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp stories closer to the end of the competition.


  • Thereafter, we choose the winners,
  • Contact them to find out their details
  • Then provide their details to the client, for the client to arrange delivery/ collection of the prize to the winners.

Pricing: Our competitions package is R 5 000 

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E-mail to give your brand more exposure with a competition through our platform

NB: Competitions are only FREE if a website advertising package has been taken in the last 3 months or the value of the prize/s is more than R 5 000 (subject to Terms and Conditions)

Previous Competitions can be viewed HERE 

Please note that Instagram link in bios, as well as boosted Facebook or Instagram posts are at an additional charge and are not included in the Competitions package price.