Halal Restaurants / Take-Aways / Cafes in South Africa

 Certified Halal Halal Friendly


DISCLAIMER: The above information has been received from the restaurants / take-aways/ cafes at the time of this post being published. This information is a guideline and is to be used at your discretion. iloveza.com will not be held liable for false information.

* Certified Halal - Halal status certified by at least one of the halal bodies in South Africa (MJC, ICSA, NIHT, SANHA)

** Halal Friendly - Halal status not certified. The establishment does not have a certificate as they: serve alcohol, other non-halal meat products or is not owned by a Muslim. However to our knowledge (from the information supplied to us) their meat/poultry is purchased from Halal suppliers, and is cooked in separate utensils from their other dishes.

*** We try our best to visit these establishments to confirm the status, but we do encourage you to confirm the information, and if you have any updates to the above or would like to add your establishment to the list please e-mail hello@iloveza.com