Website Advertising Terms and Conditions

The Website Advertising terms and conditions are as follows:

1. All payments must be paid monthly in advance and reflect in account before any post is made.
2. Cash deposit fees need to be covered by you as the depositor, all payments must be free of any charges into our account.
3. The month will run from the date payment is reflected into our account for a period of 30 days.
4. All posts (date and time as well as on which social media platform) needs to be confirmed at least 48 hours before being published.
5. All artwork/ posts and captions/ write-ups need to be provided by you (business/ entrepreneur) and in .PNG format
6. Any additional artwork or editing required from will attract an additional charge.
7. Each advert on any of the Website Advertising Package will ONLY include 1 (one) picture per article.
8. Each advert on any of the Website Advertising Package will ONLY include 1 (one) hyperlink per picture. The same hyperlink will be used for all adverts unless the Bolt on Multiple Hyperlink option is chosen and paid for.
9. Adverts will be posted randomly on any article unless the Bolt on Industry or Brand Specific option is chosen and paid for. 
10. No Videos will be advertised on any of the Website Advertising Packages. (CLICK HERE for video advert packages)
11. All adverts will remain on our website permanently.
12. Any analytics or statistics requested will be available at an additional charge of R1000 per report for the articles or from any of's platforms. 
13. No posts will be shared which depicts or associates with any (not limited to) racial comments, vulgar language, drugs, alcohol, pork products, counterfeit clothing/ jewellery (products), pornographic material.
14. Any boosted posts/ articles on social media will be charged separately.
15. It's at the discretion of to share your advert, and also to remove it if it does not comply with the above mentioned and our standard advertising rules.
16. No cancellations are to be made during the month.
17. No refunds will be given. 
18. There are no carry-over months. If the service is not used, it does not carry over to the next month.
19. Complimentary social media post includes Instagram Story, Facebook Story, Tweet, WhatsApp story, LinkedIn post. Does not include Instagram Feed, Facebook Feed, YouTube
20. will not be held responsible for faults with WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
21. will not be held responsible for the delay in posts due to connectivity.
22. By partaking in any of these packages, you automatically accept the above terms and conditions.

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