Unless you were in a really long sleep (a nice way of saying "coma") and were unaware of the year, it is now 2016.

A new year has arrived bringing with it, new hopes, new dreams, new goals, new resolutions and a lot of people mentioning that this will be "our year".



Whether it is "your year" or you will decide that maybe next year will be "your year", let us try to use this new Gregorian Calendar year as a beginning. A beginning to restore faith in humanity, a beginning to being humans that care about humanity. A beginning because we cannot just be kind or thoughtful human beings for awhile, it is a process (for some) and a lifestyle that begins with us and should continue until the end of time. 


Let's not dwell in the past or drown in negativity. Let us open up our eyes and not be ignorant. Let us be more positive - in our thoughts, in our actions, in our criticism as well as in our receiving of criticism. If someone has something to say about us, let us use that information to better ourselves and if you are the one who is dishing out advice, then let it not come from a place of hate.


Let your statements and intentions be, "...from this year onwards." From this year we will be better, we will treat each other better and we will continue to do so.


We wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year and we hope that it is - From this year onwards!

The I Love ZA Team







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