Love Your Brand FAQ

Due to COVID-19 restrictions the Love Your Brand Gift Cards will come in handy as customers can pay for your services now, and enjoy them once the quarantine restrictions have been lifted.

Please note due to COVID-19 restrictions, as of 16th March 2020 and for as long as the quarantine continues, have reduced the monthly subscription fee for this service to R500 per month.

(Terms and Conditions Apply) is always looking at innovative ways of helping the South African community at large.

Their latest innovative initiative from our "Love Your Brand" platform is the Love Your Brand Gift Card which launched in early 2020 to celebrate's 5th Birthday. 


What is it about?

"Love Your Brand" showcases the hundreds of local and international brands that are connecting to consumers on a daily basis on their website and online store.

The Love Your Brand Gift Card is the latest addition to the innovative business tools from which allows people from around the globe to either purchase a Gift Card or Donate (Fund Me) to yourself/ your business/ brand/ event/ charity/ cause/ community project all hassle free. is South Africa's only Information Highway and Online Store. We've created this platform, so while people are shopping on our online store, browsing our website, or just viewing one of our social media posts, they can choose to purchase a Gift Card or Donate to yourself/ your business/ brand/ event/ charity/ cause/ community project.  

Customers can also view your Rate Card or Menu before making a purchase so that they can choose the right amount to purchase.

The "Fund Me" option is a way for people to donate to your business to keep it a float during these tough times.


What does the listing look like?

An example can be found HERE


What does the Gift Card look like?

An example of the Gift Card can be found HERE

An example of the Fund Me Card can be found HERE


How does it work?

CLICK HERE to sign-up

We will then load all your details on to our system, ready for anyone to purchase a gift card or donate.

Your organisation will also be listed on our "Love Your Brand" page found HERE 

Customers/ Readers will come to our site / online store and choose a gift card / donate from the preloaded denominations of R100, R200, R300, R400, R500, R1000. They can choose to donate more buy changing the quantity. For example if they wanted to donate R5000 - it would be 5 x R1000.

Once a gift card has been purchased will send a copy of the Gift Card to the customer and a copy to the you via e-mail.

If you are and NPO you can choose to issue the customer with a tax certificate.


What are the benefits? is offering you/ your organisation a hassle-free platform to issue Gift Cards and collect Donations. will generate electronic Gift Cards and collect donations on your behalf through multiple payment gateways (ie. credit /cheque card, debit card, Instant EFT, Masterpass and Bitcoin) and settle all the fees involved before making any payout to you/ your organisation.

Each listing will include the following:

  • Up to 5 pictures (logos / NPO certificate/ organisation premises/ work that you do or are doing)
  • Short bio of the organisation (up to 50 words)
  • Name of Primary and Secondary Contact of the Organisation (if applicable)
  • Full physical address (linked to Google Maps)
  • E-mail address, Website, Social Media Links (All Hyperlinked)
  • Landline, Mobile and Fax Numbers (Hyperlinked on Mobile devices)
  • NPO Registration Number (if applicable)
  • Downloadable PDF Rate Card / Menu (if applicable)
  • Customer Review Section for people to leave comments which can easily be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Easy share button for your listing to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest (can also be shared on other social media like WhatsApp and LinkedIn)

In addition to people landing on our site to purchase gift cards and make donations - we will share your listing on at least one social media platform (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, WhatsApp) - at the discretion of


How do I / my organisation get paid?

We will send you a statement of accounts on the 20th of every month. You can choose to withdraw or keep the balance for the following month. There is no interest accrued on the balance.

We will make a payout to you/ your organisation once a month on the 25th.


What are the costs involved?

For a limited time subscription fees and transaction fees have been reduced to the following:

  • No setup costs
  • R500 monthly subscription fee
  • 20% transaction fees for every purchase made

You/ your organisation will only be liable for the transaction fees when a purchase or donation is made.


I'm paying a Monthly Fee of R500, do I still have to pay Transaction Fees?

Yes, unfortunately at the highly reduced subscription fee of R500 it will not cover all the costs and benefits which are offered with this service. 

The transaction fee is for us to cover the transactional costs of credit card and other payment platform fees, as well as the payout fees from the secure payment gateway service provider.



The payout fee is included in your transaction fees.  

The minimum payout amount is set at R1000.

If your balance is in excess of R50 000 at any given time we will inform you, and we will issue an immediate payout which will attract an additional R50 charge which will be deducted from your balance.

Should you wish to make a payout before the 25th there will be an additional R50 charge which will be deducted from your balance.


Do I need to sign a contract?

No, the service is run from month-to-month and can be cancelled at any time.

If you choose to have your listing removed please e-mail


Can I use my Balance to pay for my monthly subscription fee?

Yes, if you have a positive balance and would like to use it to settle your account, please e-mail 


Can I make changes to my listing?

Yes, you can change any details free of charge once a month. Additional changes will be charged for.


I can't fill out the form

Please e-mail for assistance


Can I remove the logo on my Gift Card?

Yes you can by upgrading to our Pro package. E-mail for more information. 


Are payments secure?

Yes, all payments received are made through a secure payment gateway


Can Boost my listing on social media?

Yes, can boost your listing on social media at an additional charge. E-mail for more information


Are the Gift Card Code secure?

Yes, all Gift Card codes are randomly generated


Does handle the redemption of the voucher?

No, only facilitates the process until the Gift Card is issued and the Gift Card e-mailed to the customer.


Is there a refund policy?

Yes, will fully refund the amount for any purchase for 7 days. will not refund on any purchases made directly to service providers or on Gift Cards that have already been redeemed at a service provider. (i.e. if the customer is unhappy with the service provider after the service has already been rendered will not be able to provide a refund)


Can the Gift Card be transferred?

Yes, the Gift Card can be fully transferred to another service provider within 7 days.


Disclaimer has the right to deny/ remove any listing that does not comply with our terms and conditions. will not publish any listing for any individual or organisation related to or involved with (not limited to) criminal activity, gambling, alcohol, drugs, pornography.

If information surfaces that your organisation is involved in any of the above mentioned activities or there has been false information submitted to us, we will immediately remove your listing and disburse any money collected (if any) to another organisation.


How do I sign up?


By signing up, you/ your organisation agree that you have read this entire document and fully understand and adhere to the conditions provided. 


Please note the following:
1. All payments must reflect in our account before any listing is published.
2. All artwork/ information need to be provided by you (business/entrepreneur).
3. Any additional artwork or write-ups required from will attract an extra charge.
4. Each Gift Card issued is subject to advertising by by means of a logo or description of our services in a caption. E-mail for more information on an ad free listing. 
5. Any analytics or statistics requested will be available at an additional charge for the listing from any of's platforms. 
6. Cash deposit fees need to be covered by you as the depositor, all payments must be free of any charges into our account.