Love Your Brand Gift Card

Please note due to COVID-19 restrictions, as of 16th March 2020 and for as long as the quarantine continues, have reduced the monthly subscription fee for this service to R500 per month

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In 2015 launched the ONLY Information Highway and Online Store platform in the world.

2016 saw the introduction of an innovative first of it's kind e-Business card.

An online platform called For The Cause was launched in 2017 by which allowed people to donate to their favourite cause while shopping online.

The age of uncapped started trending in 2018 and offered Uncapped Social Media Advertising. 2018 was also the launch of the #LoveYourBrand platform which showcases the hundreds of local and international brands which connects to consumers on a daily basis.

And last year, 2019, was the year of the cheapest social media advertising at just R150 from and the launch of their advert only weekly digital pamphlet - ADDICTED TO ZA.

It would only be fitting that in 2020 to celebrate their 5th birthday there will be a new exciting launch, and that is of the Love Your Brand Gift Card.

Taking the concept of the digital mash-up which they introduced in 2015 when they mashed up the Information Highway and Online Store to create this platform, and at the same time mashing-up of products, food, travel, fashion, tech, cars, and motivational quotes all on one social media page, they have found a way to do it again.

This time they've taken to of their own innovative business tools, the e-Business Card and the For The Cause platform and mashed-up the two producing a new product to the market, the Love Your Brand Gift Card.

The Love Your Brand Gift Card now allows people from around the globe to either purchase a Gift Card or Donate (Fund Me) to an entrepreneur/ freelancer/ start-up/ established business/ brand/ event/ charity/ cause/ community project or any organisation in the world all hassle free.

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