Are we setting our standards too high?

#FridayFeelings Quote
Written and Layout by Nabihah Plaatjes


Too often I've overlooked sharing a post or an article because I'm too busy trying to perfect it. I would think twice about posting a picture or a...

Narrow Eyes

All you know and see is the glamour. Your narrow eyes,

cannot recognise the struggle.

When their star shines,

you are there

basking in the glow

taking in

praising them

If they can afford to help you,

Your arms reach out.

Until they can no more,

Your idolising re-routes.


Review: Bio-Strath

My days usually consist of:

struggling to wake up early,

whilst awake - being tired and run down,

unable to concentrate and focus,

then struggling to fall asleep at night.


As a mom of a busy 3 year old boy, energy is needed as well as his sole attention...

Cosmo X K Naomi - Socials

As I sauntered down the crimson carpet in my denim high heels, I was greeted by friendly smiles and ushered through an interior that begged to be photographed... This was a night of elegance and sophistication.

We made our...

Pinocchio SA the Sweetest Pantomime of the Year - No Lies!

Let's bring in a story line that teaches good morals; mix it with melodious vocals and energetic dance moves, sprinkle it with witty phrases and a hint of political satire, throw in some colourful costumes, back-dropped on a vibrant and meticulously-done stage, performed towards the end of...