Promotional Video Terms and Conditions

In most cases has not been paid for promoting you, your company, or the event which you have attended,

and they have done so out of the goodness of their heart, with their own resources, and at their own expense to promote you, your company, or your event.

By consenting to be filmed for a promotional video, you consent to have your video shared indefinitely on:

1.'s Website
2. YouTube
3. Instagram
4. Facebook
5. Twitter
6. LinkedIn
7. TikTok
8. Any other platform which owns or partners with.

You accept that you will not be paid by, nor receive any type of remuneration should any arise from the publishing of your video.

You accept that should any information be incorrect or false which you have provided to, you will be liable for any legal costs should any arise in whatever form.

You accept that should any amendments or a removal of the video be made, you will be liable for the costs of such.

For any queries or to boost (promote on Google or social media) your video, please email