You've seen it on our posts and now even on our branded clothing, but what is #AfterFajrGrind and how did it begin??

Let's break it up first so it is easier to read: After Fajr Grind.

Grind, as most are aware is to work hard, or your work ethic and how hard you work.

Fajr is an Arabic word, which means Dawn.

So, the "After Fajr Grind", simply means: working hard after dawn/ to work hard after dawn. Whether it be at school, university, your workplace, or your own business; the hard work that you put into any activity/task that you want to accomplish for that day should start after dawn.

Research shows that if you want to increase productivity, one should get a good night's rest. Once a good night's sleep is established, you are able to arise early (after dawn) and that is when your productivity levels (in most people, their creativity levels) are at its highest allowing you to get most of what you need to get done.

It doesn't end there though, we wanted to take it just a little further...

In Islam, Muslims pray at dawn and this prayer is called the Fajr Salaah (Dawn Prayer). Muslims believe that praying to The Almighty at this time will ensure that they are guided and protected throughout the day. 

With the campaign of the #AfterFajrGrind we want to make that, the core value around the campaign.  We want to encourage people to pray at this time, no matter what religion you follow. By just doing this small act everyday before you start work (your grind), you will see vast improvements in your ability to complete tasks, amongst other major improvements in your life.

Waking up is the first step to achieving this. Start off small by setting your alarm to wake up about 10 minutes before sunrise. Do that for about a month, and then set it at 10 minutes more, so 20 minutes before sunrise. In a few months you will be waking up almost one and a half hours before sunrise, just as the first light of the sun appears; Dawn.

Once this starts to happen, you will notice that your body will automatically start waking up without an alarm clock.

This mindset will also help you to achieve your goals.

Remember all this time when you are waking up, the first thing you do is pray, then down to the grind.

We hope that this information helps you in your life and that, The Almighty, showers blessings upon you, your family, and your business.