Online Store Vendor FAQ

How do I sell my products on Online Store?

Fill in the Vendor Application form

Download and fill in the the Vendor Product List spreadsheet with the products you would like to sell

E-mail (if not uploaded); the Vendor Product spreadsheet back to us at with a copy of your ID (sole proprietor) or company registration certificate, as well as the photos of the products that you would like to sell in .png (preferable) or .jpg format

Links to a Dropbox or Google Drive for photos will also be accepted.

What are the registration fees?

There are no registration fees, sign-up is completely FREE.

How much are the setup costs to put my products on Online Store?

R0, yes the set-up costs are also FREE.

What are the monthly costs to advertise my products on Online Store? carries the costs for advertising your product on our Online Store, Website, Social Media Accounts, Newsletter, and App.

There are NO monthly costs for a registered vendor.

How much are the transaction costs?

The transaction costs (credit card fees etc) per sale as well as the payout into your account is covered by and is FREE to you as a registered vendor.

What are the packaging and delivery costs?

All packaging and delivery costs (to the customer) are covered by

Costs may be incurred by you (the vendor) if the product needs to be couriered to or collected by them.

Is there FREE delivery anywhere in South Africa on all products on Online Store?

Yes, all products are delivered for FREE anywhere in South Africa, unless stated otherwise.

Does offer Worldwide Shipping?

Yes, we do offer Worldwide Shipping with NO extra cost to you as a registered vendor.

What's the catch? 

There is no catch;

We don't charge any registration fees,

There are no set-up costs,

No monthly fees,

No transaction fees,

No packaging and delivery costs,

How does make money?

We ask Vendors for a reasonable wholesale price on all products, for us to put a decent mark-up to cover all our costs mentioned above, and to keep the business running.

The wholesale price to needs to be well-priced to allow us to to retail the product at a competitive rate (or at least market related).

Example: Handy Handbags sells their bags for R400 (retail price inc VAT) to the public. Handy Handbags supplies their bags to Wholesale Africa for R200 (wholesale price inc VAT) and Wholesale Africa sells it to the public at R400 (retail price inc VAT). If Handy Handbags wants to supply with their handbags, Handy Handbags will charge R200 (wholesale price inc VAT) for their handbags.

Price increases need to be communicated with at all times, failure to do so will result in the original price (product prices on application) used by, to pay for goods.

Does keep stock?

No, we do not.

We purchase the stock directly from you (the vendor) when a purchase is made on our online store.

Products that are no longer manufactured by you (the vendor) or out of stock for a period of time, need to be communicated to

When does pay me for my products sold?

We pay all vendors for products once we receive the product, via EFT in to your (the vendor) chosen bank account (on application form).

Does offer refunds, exchanges and returns?

Yes, we do offer a 7 day return policy on non-perishable items if products are in original packaging with a full refund or an option to exchange.

We do not offer refunds/exchanges on sale items.

We ask that vendors assist us if a refund/exchange/return arises with either the monetary value refunded or product exchange where applicable.