Online Store Vendor FAQ

How do I sell my products on's Online Store?

Fill in the Vendor Application form

What are the registration fees?

A once-off non-refundable fee of R99.

How much are the setup costs?

A once-off setup non-refundable fee of R499.

What are the monthly costs to advertise my products on Online Store?

There are three options, starting from R99 per month which are detailed below.

Please note that products advertised are the accumulative total, and not per month.

Example: Lite Package will include 5 products in total, whether the 5 have been uploaded at once in the first month; or 2 in the first month and 3 in the second month.

Example 2: If 5 products have been uploaded and the Lite Package has been chosen - one cannot upload any more products, as anything after that amount, will proceed to the next appropriate package.

Can I add additional products after I've reached my limit of 100 products?

Yes, each additional product can be added at a once-off cost of R9 per product.

Is the fees month-to-month?

Yes, there is an option to either pay monthly or a discounted upfront annual fee.

What Social Media does advertise my products on?

For the Plus Package, products will be advertised on's Facebook, X, Threads, and Instagram Stories.

For the Exec Package, products will be advertised on's Instagram Feed & Stories, Facebook Feed & Stories, X, Threads, YouTube Community, LinkedIn, TikTok. 

How much are the transaction costs?

The transaction costs (credit card fees etc) are calculated on a market related sliding scale.

How much are the payout fees?

A standard rate of R15 is applied to every payout.

Can I choose not to get paid immediately?

Yes, you have the option of:

  • immediate payout
  • payout once a month, at the end of the calendar month
  • payout once your total sales amount exceeds R1000

What are the packaging and delivery costs?

The customer will be liable for all packaging and delivery costs with regards to their purchase.

Costs may be incurred by you (the vendor) if the product needs to be:

  • couriered to
  • collected by
  • returned or replaced to you and/or
  • couriered to/ or collected by to store products

Does offer Worldwide Shipping?

Yes, we do offer Worldwide Shipping.

There are additional duties and taxes (dependent on country and exchange rate) which will be charged, but will be communicated before the order is dispatched.

How does make money?

To assist start-ups and SMMES, all the above costs mentioned are highly discounted and mostly don't cover the costs incurred by

We ask Vendors for a reasonable wholesale price on all products, for us to put a decent mark-up to assist to continue to empower local and international businesses.

The wholesale price to needs to be well-priced to allow us to retail the product at a competitive rate (or at least market related).

Example: Handy Handbags sells their bags for R400 (retail price inc VAT) to the public. Handy Handbags supplies their bags to Wholesale Africa for R200 (wholesale price inc VAT) and Wholesale Africa sells it to the public at R400 (retail price inc VAT). If Handy Handbags wants to supply with their handbags, Handy Handbags will charge R200 (wholesale price inc VAT) for their handbags.

Wholesale Price increases/ decreases need to be communicated with at all times - failure to do so will result in the original price (product prices on application) used by, to pay for goods.

Does keep stock?

No, we do not generally keep stock.

We order the stock directly from you (the vendor) when a purchase is made on our online store.

Products that are no longer manufactured by you (the vendor) or out of stock for a period of time, need to be communicated to regularly.

Is there an option for me to keep stock at's premises?

Yes, we can keep stock on consignment, but there are additional storage fee costs involved which are dependent on the size, amount, and time the products are stored.

What is Content Creation for Social Media with products mean? will use your products to either place them in a suitable setting to showcase the product or show the usability in a real-life environment. These photos or videos will be shared on's social media pages.

Can assist me with photographs of my products?

Yes, we can assist with photographs of your products for the online store as well as photographs and videos which can be used for social media. E-mail for more information.

I'm not sure how to grow my social media, can help?

Yes, we can assist with one-on-one marketing strategies, social media management training, or we can setup and manage your social media pages for you. E-mail for more information

I don't have a logo to put on my online store profile and social media, does design logos?

Yes, we can design a logo for you to use for you online store profile and for your social media pages. E-mail for more information

Does offer refunds, exchanges and returns?

Yes, we do offer a 7 day return policy on non-perishable items if products are in original packaging with a full refund or an option to exchange.

We do not offer refunds/exchanges on sale items.

We ask that vendors assist us if a refund/exchange/return arises with either the monetary value refunded or product exchange where applicable.

Can I have my online store and still have an online store profile with

Yes, assists you to reach a wider audience, and we can design, develop and maintain your website and/ or online store for you. We can also train you and your staff to manage the online store, or we can manage it for you. E-mail for more information.

I don't have a product, but I want to advertise on, can I?

Yes, we offer a range of various advertising services for you and your business to reach a wider organic audience. For more information e-mail