SnapScan Payments

You can now pay for any of your purchases on your store with the SnapScan app which is available for download on the App Store and Google Play

App Store SnapScan App - Google Play

To make a purchase simply scan this QR Code

Enter the amount of the product

Sit back and wait for your product to be delivered

SnapScan QR Code


FAQ on SnapScan

How do I download SnapScan?

Search your phone app store for the SnapScan app, or visit our home page for links to the Apple Store, Google Play and Blackberry World platforms.

How do I pay with SnapScan?

Open the SnapScan app and tap on "Scan" to scan the SnapCode (a QR code, or square barcode) displayed in the shop, at the point of sale, on the invoice or website where you want to pay. This identifies the shop and prompts you to enter the amount you wish to pay. Enter your PIN or use TouchID on your Apple device to secure and complete the transaction. The merchant will receive a notification via SMS or on their point of sale system to confirm that the payment has been made.

What if I'm not with Standard Bank?

SnapScan works with e-commerce enabled MasterCard or Visa cards from any South African bank. When you add your card details on the app, it automatically checks the card details and produces an error message if the card is not supported.

Will it work on my phone?

SnapScan is available for Apple iPhones, smartphones that run Android operating software (Samsung, Huawei and others), as well as most BlackBerry phones (note that you need to have BlackBerry World installed to access the app store). Zest, Windows and feature phones are unfortunately not currently supported.

What if my phone is rooted?

Unfortunately, our security auditors have decided that the risks associated with rooted phones are too great for us to allow our app to be used on these devices. Rooted phones are considered unsafe because the security measures put in place (for example, protecting apps from accessing each other's data) can be compromised.

We realise that informed users can use rooted phones in a safe way, but in order to preserve the security of all SnapScan users and merchants we cannot make exceptions for individual users.

How much will SnapScan cost me?

SnapScan is completely free for users to download and use. Network operator data charges do apply, but the app is less than 10 MB in size, depending on the device you use. Transactions also use very little data, about the same amount as a single WhatsApp message.

How much data is required to download the app?

The SnapScan app is less than 10 MB in size, depending on the device you use. After you’ve downloaded the app, each transaction also uses very little data (about the same amount as a single WhatsApp message).

What are the benefits of SnapScan?

The app is both convenient and safe! Whether you’re buying your first coffee for the day, visiting your favourite weekend market, grabbing a drink with friends or getting a taxi home, SnapScan has you covered. With over 20 000 merchants already signed up, you’ll never have to carry your wallet around with you again!

Carrying your cash and cards with you is also risky, while SnapScan keeps your card details encrypted safely on your phone. Cash can be stolen, your card can be cloned and all your money withdrawn at an ATM, but with SnapScan you have both a phone PIN and an app-specific PIN protecting your details. See Safety & Security for more details.

Where can I use SnapScan?

We currently have more than 20 000 merchants across South Africa registered with SnapScan. Use our Merchant Finder inside the SnapScan application to find one close to your location. If your favourite shop doesn’t have SnapScan yet, you can encourage them to sign up here!