Bloggers/ Vloggers Collab

Do you have a Blog/ Vlog in or about South Africa ?

We want to showcase your talent to the world by featuring your blog/ vlog on our website

We are always looking for Bloggers and Vloggers to feature on our website.

Do I get paid for this?

No, there is currently no payment to be featured, but it's a lot of extra exposure for bloggers/ vloggers like yourself.

What is your audience?

We have a large local and international following, through our website, newsletter, and social media platforms. With readers interested in everything from Arts to Travel. We are always looking to expand our reach so no matter what category your blog/ vlog is in we want to showcase your talent to the world.

How does it work?

It's simply - we share your blog/ vlog posts through our platforms (giving you full credit of course), linking everything back to you and your blog (see example blog/ vlog posts below)
You can either send us specific blog/ vlog posts that you would like us to share, or alternatively you can allow us to choose which blog/ vlog posts we would like to share.

Where does my blog/ vlog posts get share on's website?

All your blog/ vlog posts are share on our News and Trends section. We are currently also working on a page per blogger/ blogger for easy access to all your work on our website (see Finding Me as an example)

Are there other Bloggers/ Vloggers who share their post on your website?

Yes, we currently have a few bloggers onboard and are looking to expand to provide a platform for all bloggers in South Africa to have their thoughts and opinions heard. You can view some of our featured bloggers here:-

Finding Me



Thalia and John 

Hungry for Halaal 


True North Wealth

Where's Daddy?!

The Media Clique

Everyday People Blog 

For a chance to have your Blog/ Vlog featured on our website, simply:

- Tell us what makes your Blog/ Vlog Proudly South African

- Send us a link to your Blog/ Vlog

- Send us your social media handles

E-mail your entry to or fill in all your details below