Where's Daddy?! - Intro

Where's Daddy?! A blog inspired by my son (he says it all the time, even when I'm holding him), and the fact that there aren't enough Daddy bloggers.

Being a man, a husband, and a father it's very difficult to get any information that is relevant to us. The blogging world is dominated by women and the few men bloggers tend to blog on cars and being dapper (dressing and grooming themselves).

Having a toddler, there are a lot of events for parents to attend with their young ones. The only problem is, it's never for parents but rather just for mums. Dads are considered babysitters and never have the opportunity to attend these events even if they wanted to. Sometimes, dad can attend an event, but it is never really aimed at them or advertised that "dads are welcome". I'm sure there are lots of single dads, work from home dads, stay at home dads, or even dads who actually want to be apart of everything regarding their child dads. What do these dads do to get information to not only look after their little ones but also to make sure they provide for their educational needs as well?

I stand to be corrected but I have never seen a "Dads and Tots" or "Dads and Babes" class.

My mission with this blog is to not only just air my views and opinions as a man, husband, and father but also to provide useful information to like minded individuals.

Please note that any posts before this date are notes that I've dug up from my phone on my personal experiences of being a husband and a father.


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