Spoiler: An Analysis of Suspects by Lesley Pearse

Spoiler Alert! This article contains my thoughts after reading the book:
Suspects, by Lesley Pearse.
If you have not read this book as yet, please check out my Review.



Suspects is a novel written by Lesley Pearse.

Before receiving and reading my copy of this novel, I was unaware that the author is seasoned with a long list of published books.

In all honesty, this needs to be mentioned as, whilst researching a bit more about Lesley Pearse, I found out that she has several fan clubs across the internet. Most of the fans however, have stated that this novel is highly unlike her other published works.

But as this is my first Lesley Pearse novel, I can only make an analysis of this particular book that I and my book club, Litscape, have read.

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Lets begin with the 2 typos that I have spotted in the book:

Page 47: It is written, "Mike and Rose" as a couple, which should have been "Mike and Ruth".

Page 311: Conrad had many thoughts in his mind, one of which stated, "...had he killed Amy?" The murdered victim was actually Chloe.


Lesley Pearse is described as a "true storyteller and a master of gripping storylines."

While reading Suspects, I noticed a very simplistic and almost child-like manner of writing. I remember this style quite well, as this was the type of writing that I used when I was still in school, and was told to make it more "mature".

The novel, no doubt, is easy to read and has short chapters which keeps the readers engaged, but I would not describe it as "storytelling at its best" as one of her appraisals had.


Regarding the blurb at the back of the book:

Someone whom I've spoken to mentioned that the blurb "did nothing to entice me to read this -  I would most likely wait for the movie or the TV series to come out as it sounds more like a synopsis for something we would see on screen. It also sounds a bit like they've taken the plot out of Desperate Housewives."


Suspects is described as a mystery and suspense novel. To my delight, it was not gruesome and contained no horrid descriptions at all. 

Despite the simplicity of reading, the novel did tend to be a bit complicated with the amount of characters. There were ten houses arranged in a horse-shoe manner and each household had at least a minimum of one complex character. Myself and the other members of my book club have admitted to constantly turning back to the first page in which the map of the houses and the people residing in each were named, in order to remind ourselves of each person in this book. As much as I feel that there were several characters and maybe some should have been omitted, after reading the entire novel, I cannot pinpoint as to who should have been kicked out and concluded that all characters were necessary and in keeping with the theme of Suspects.


Suspects, although set in 2009, includes many references to a novel that is probably written in the '90s, with the misogynistic descriptions of the characters, as well as the way that they speak. However, I feel that Lesley Pearse brought many issues to light with the characters that were portrayed: depression, abuse, marital conflict, etc. Each personality was moulded in a certain way and through their back story we were able to understand the reason why they were, the way they were. 

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