Review: Suspects by Lesley Pearse

Nina and Conrad had thought they'd found their dream neighbourhood. But have they moved into a nightmare?


Suspects is a novel about a couple (Nina and Conrad Best) who buy their first home and move into a new neighbourhood right after a murder has taken place. The murder is of a young girl from Willow Close, where the houses are arranged in a horse-shoe manner. With the ten houses so close to each other, the detective believes that someone knows the truth and as the title suggests, every person in the neighbourhood is treated as a suspect. It is only once investigations are conducted into each household, do we (as well as Nina and Conrad) find out that each resident in Willow Close has a secret. 

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If you’re starting to read again after a long hiatus, I do recommend this book as it was an easy read with short chapters. There were a few errors, two typos to be exact, but I have divulged those in my analysis, which can be found here.

With ten houses in Willow Close, having residents which most of the time included more than one person in it, the story did tend to be a bit confusing. I had to go back to the first page to remember which person is from which home to try and understand and “keep up” with the book.

Besides those two pointers, I would recommend Suspects as an enjoyable, light read to those who aren't looking for something "gripping" and "intense". The mystery into who committed the murder is not difficult to work out and the style of writing is quite simple. It is not gruesome in any way, which honestly made my life easier, as I tend to read at night, before bed!

I rate it 3 out of 5.

Have you read this book as yet?


I've written my review in a simplistic format to allow you to make your own decision.

The link directing you to my Analysis of Suspects by Lesley Pearse, is only once you have read the book: to either engage with me or see what I really thought about Suspects. It will most definitely include parts of the book.

Below, is the blurb that can be seen at the back of Suspects by Lesley Pearse:

Welcome to Willow Close, where everyone is a suspect...

On the day Nina and Conrad Best move into their new home in picture-perfect Willow Close a body is discovered.

hurrying inside with their belongings, they see horrified neighbours gather by the police cordon - one of the residents has been attacked and brutally killed in the woods.

Believing someone must have seen the murderer, the police interview all the residents of the close. They soon find out that each neighbour harbours their own secrets.

The residents of Willow Close are far from what they initially seem - and strange, even dark, things happen behind their closed doors.

Nina and Conrad had thought they'd found their dream neighbourhood. But have they moved into a nightmare?

Title: Suspects
Author: Lesley Pearse
Published: July 2021
Publisher: Michael Joseph, Penguin Random House
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