KIA Summer Slam Beach Tennis Tour: Game on!


In just three weeks from now, KIA Motors, in partnership with Tennis South Africa (TSA), will bring the sport of Beach Tennis to South Africa under the banner of the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

KIA Summer Slam Beach Tennis Tour: Game on!
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The 2018 December series will form part of the event circuit which will see four events take place over two weeks, starting 8 December. Each event will carry ITF ranking points, and with a total prize money pot in excess of $35 000, the competition is set to be top notch.

Several grassroots development clinics will be held throughout the two-week period, with the qualifiers set to take place on the first day of each tournament.

Each event is open to any player older than 15 and all have both main draws and qualifying events. The first two events (Cape St. Francis and Knysna) will have a 16 qualifying and 16 main draw, while the two events in Plettenberg Bay will have a 24 qualifying and 24 main draw.

“Anyone can enter and have some fun,”

says Tournament Director, Iain Smith.

“Entries can be done onlineParticipants will be able to use some of our complimentary KIA/Turquoise beach tennis paddles at each of the events, should they not have their own. Beach tennis is about fun, music, diving in the sand and trying something new. Clinics will also be held at each of the venues with some of the top players for those interested to learn more about the game.

“Whether you’d like to test your skills or are on holiday at these venues over this time, come and join in the fun of the KIA Summer Slam. Further regular updates to follow on the TSA website, and on KIA and TSA’s social media platforms. Who knows, next year you could be in the mix to go to Russia to represent South Africa at the ITF World Beach Tennis Team Championships!”

The KIA Summer Slam beach tennis tour will take place as follows:

  •  8-10 December 2018:     Cape St Francis                      Prize money: $2500.
  • 12-14 December 2018:    Knysna (Buffalo Bay Beach)  Prize money: $2500.
  • 15-18 December 2018:    Plettenberg Bay                      Prize money: $6500.
  • 18-21 December 2018:    Plettenberg Bay                      Prize money: $25000.

Entry fees (per pair) for Cape St. Francis as well as Knysna events are $50 for non-South African residents, and R300 for South African residents. The first of the two Plettenberg Bay events are $75 for non-South African residents and R300 for South African residents. The finals (also to be held at Plettenberg Bay) are $150 for non-South African residents and R300 for South African residents.

The entry form is available online.

To enter, click on the event that you would like to play in and click on ‘registration’.

For event related queries, contact Tournament Director, Iain Smith, via email ( or WhatsApp (0839443973).


Beach tennis is played on the same size court as Beach Volleyball, and on a similar principle where the ball may not bounce, with all shots (volleys) being played out the air.


  • The server shall stand behind the baseline. His/her foot/feet may not touch the baseline during the service motion, neither may the foot/feet be underneath the baseline
  • The server shall deliver the serve either by serving overarm or underarm
  • Only one (1) serve is permitted, unlike tennis where the server has two (2) serves
  • The server may serve to either of the opponents and need not serve diagonally (as in tennis)
  • In the case of Mixed Doubles, when the male is serving, he must serve underarm to the female opponent. The female server may elect to serve overarm or underarm to either of her opponents

Service Let:

  • If the service touches the net and goes over, the point is in play. There is NO Service Let in Beach Tennis


  • The ITF have introduced an experimental rule, where a “No Return Zone” is introduced. This means the receivers may not stand closer than 3meters to the net to return, thereafter they can advance to as close to the net as they wish.


  • Scoring is similar to tennis, although at Deuce, a deciding point (No-Ad) is played and the team winning the deciding point, wins the game
  • Normal sets with a tie break at 6 games all can be played, or a shorter format can be used, where players play first to 4 games, with a team having to win by two (2) games and a tie break being played if the score reaches 4 games all
  • Matches can be 3 full sets or a 10 point match tie-breaker can be played if the match reaches one set all
  • International matches are Best of 3 Tie-Breaker Sets, with regular 7 point tie-breaker being played if the score in a set reaches 6 games all
  • For social play any fun format can be used i.e. one set shoot out can be played or tie break shoot outs can also be played

The Court:

  • Court dimensions are the same as Beach Volleyball
  • If the ball touches the line it is “IN”
  • The net is deemed to be “in play” and the player’s paddle or any part of the player may not touch the net or pass under the net to touch the opponent’s court, this will result in the player losing the point is an award-winning Digital Media, Marketing, and Advertising Company est. 2015, is a Member of the Independent Media Association of South Africa (IMASA), and Brand South Africa's Play Your Part Ambassadors, with a global reach of over 10 million

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