Skin Loving Foods 101


A few days ago, i expressed myself on twitter about my goals and my vision for my brand, MelenialSkin or Melenial, since i would like to branch out in the future. I expressed that my only goal when i started MelenialSkin, was to change the way people think and feel about their skin. I grew tired of the fact that every single time we discuss topic about skin, its always centered around beauty. That’s fine but i think it makes people forget that, at the end of the day, the skin is a functional organ and serves a purpose. Its not just plastered on to your body for fun. Its not there to make you look pretty, it has no concern in making you look pretty. So, when we talk skin, the first thing that should come to mind, is organ, no foundation shade, LOLLLL.

I am very passionate about skin care and i am so excited to start on my venture towards becoming a medical aesthetician and holistic therapist. But, this post is not about that, today i am here to shed light on skin-loving foods. I have done tonnes of these on twitter, i think its important to create a more comprehensive article on the blog so people have something to refer to.


I always likened taking care of skin to going to the gym top improve your body. It doesn’t matter how many times you run on that treadmill, it doesn’t matter how much sweat you break; it could literally fill the Nile River for all we care, if your food ain right, your tummy ain tight. (i tried). My sister is a fitness bunny, growing up she was the sporty one and i was the cultural one. While she was playing netball or athletics, i was writing my debate speech or my Toastmaster’s speech. She would always say to me “abs are made in the kitchen” or “its 25% working out and 75% what you eat”.


What i am trying to say here, is that when it comes to skin care, products will magically do all the work for you which is wrong. Our body is a system, and just like an other system, in order for things to continue running smoothly, all parts if the system need to be working hand-in-hand. The fastest way to getting clear skin, is to identify why it is that your your skin is acting up in the first place. Decipher whether it is hormonal (That time of the month, pregnancy, the pill). Find out whether it is genetic (mom and dad had bad skin so you have it too). Or maybe, just maybe, your skin acts up because you are not healthy.


For the foods, i have decided to just do this, just to share a list of skin-loving foods. Which have been scientifically proven to aid skin health. I am also sharing why this food is beneficial to skin as well as how. I am all about being budget-friendly. I do not want to share things that even I, myself, cannot afford to buy. It doesnt help listing salmon if i can only afford to buy salmon once every three months. The foods i am including are foods that you can incorporate into your diet every single day. That’s what i call sustainability.


There are many healthy oils that you can cook with. I always prefer cooking with unrefined oils. That way, all the nutrients of the oils are still intact and this means more benefits for you. I have cooked with coconut oil, castor oil as well as avocado oil, over and above extra virgin olive oil. All these oils, i have used in their unrefined form in my cooking. I listed extra virgin olive oil, in particular, because it is widely available in South African supermarkets. Its a lot more expensive than our generic (refined) canola and sunflower cooking oil but it is worth it and a little goes a long way.

Olive oil is great in a because it made of essential fatty acids that are required for skin health. Olive oil can either be applied topically or ingested in foods when frying, grilling or in salads. These fatty acids that are contained in this oil, help protect the body from UV lights. What you have to know is that the body cannot make its own Essential Fatty Acids, and these are the same fatty acids that help cell membranes hold in moisture. allowing your skin to look supple. It is important to ingest at least one table spoon of this oil every day.


To be honest, i am not a fan of wholegrains and i need to start jumping on this wagon because the benefits of whole grain as compared to refined grains are out of this world. I did a whole blog post pretty much dedicated to whole grain and glycemic index. The story is that studies have found that foods with a high glycemic index are now actually linked to the cause of acne breakouts and so forth. To find out more on how this happens, click here.

Whole grain bread, pasta, and cereal are surprisingly high in antioxidants (whole wheat cereal, for example, contains a comparable amount to most fruits and vegetables), and eating additional antioxidants is key to youth-proofing your complexion, says Lisa Drayer, RD. “The levels of the body’s natural antioxidants decrease with age, so adding them to your diet becomes even more important.”


Rose hips have a high content of vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium and iron. In addition, Rose hips are rich sources of bio flavonoids, pectin, vitamin E, selenium, manganese, and B complex vitamins. It also contains moderate amounts of magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur and silicon. They are my new favorite things to boil in water and drink. Vitamin C in Rosehip is responsible for collagen production in the body which is an important element in the structure of bones and body.

I also use this infused water in one of my toners, in my shop, Harmony.


More like egg whites (for me). Lutein and zeaxanthin, two antioxidants found in eggs, more than quadrupled protection against the UV damage that leads to lines, brown spots, and cancer in one study on women. Skin was also markedly softer, firmer, and better hydrated.

You may also apply raw egg white to face. This can temporarily reduce pores, oiliness and can work at evening out your skin tone.


These are not my favourite, quite frankly, i hate apples. I don’t remember the last time i had an apple and enjoyed it, just all that chewing. But, its true, an apple a day keeps the doctor away and probably the acne at bay. Not only are they nutritional, but they provide protection from dangerous UV rays.


One word, vitamin C. A potent antioxidant that boosts production of collagen fibers that help keep skin smooth and firm. More C may mean fewer fine lines too: Women with lower intakes were likelier to have dry, wrinkled skin. Early research also shows that ellagic acid, an antioxidant abundant in strawberries, protects the elastic fibers that keep skin from sagging. Sweet!


This is a widely known health food, but it also has some super benefits for skin. These seeds are high in vitamin E. Vitamin E is a great antioxidant that help fight free radicals, soothe inflammation. Omega 3 fatty acids are also included in these seeds. Omega 3 fats combat acne, wrinkles, help promote smooth skin and also even keep your hair, nails and metabolism in good shape too!

This is not all, below is a list of some of my favourites!

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