The Camera Goes Millennial

Samsung’s improved Gear 360 is built to make 360-degree content accessible and easy to share – even through virtual reality


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For decades, the camera has played an important role as a tool used to freeze great moments from our lives into photographic form, and because humans are emotional beings, its advancement from analogue to digital has propelled a generation of archivists that augment their memory with something far more vivid. Many consumers who grew up in middle class homes will recall the proud moment when their parents purchased the family’s first digital camera to use during special occasions, such as a family holiday, a birthday or an anniversary.

However, our daily lives are now full of unique moments and memories that are perfect for capturing and thus the most revolutionary aspect of the organic growth of the camera has been the advent of the camera phone, which made photography more accessible and less elitist. But before we could even start to identify the limited functionality of these devices, the forefathers of innovative technology have now gone a step further and ensured that we are also able to capture, share and relive our experiences in 360-degree form.

This means that whether you’re recording your latest vlog or your child’s soccer game, a scenic view or a braai with friends, you can capture a complete experience of special moments, big or small, in a way that current cameras simply cannot.


“Originally created for the tech-savvy consumer who is curious to try out a new way to produce unique content, the Samsung Gear 360 has evolved to become an everyday device more useful to the ‘new norm’, the main creators and consumers of digital content - otherwise known as millennials,” says Craige Fleischer, Director: Integrated Mobility, Samsung South Africa.


“This is a generation that is constantly plugged in, recording and sharing their daily lives in real time through social media. Increasingly, they also prioritise value for their money, which is why the new and improved Samsung Gear 360 comes with a price reduction.”


To further make the device appealing to millennials, the latest model adheres to the basic identity of the previous model, while improving its portability and usability. These efforts led to the addition of key functions that consumers will appreciate, including the camera’s livestreaming, video and photo editing features.

Ushering in a new level of digital engagement, consumers of content are empowered to view and experience it as if they were right there beside you when it all unfolded. Further, not only can you now enjoy various special effects like adding stickers or filters to photos, but you can also get creative with five unique viewing modes available in the Gear 360 app, which allow content creators to customise videos and photos without the use of a special lens.

Samsung also wanted to ensure that the new model would be easy to interact with and to carry, so it was made smaller and fitted with a handle and ring strap that provides a comfortable and secure grip. By incorporating the ring strap, users are equipped with a handy stand to use to prop up the device and record hands free, further adjusting the camera’s shutter button to make it easier to access. 


“The Samsung Gear 360 has evolved with its growing consumer base. Today, we’re seeing more and more popular media platforms, including YouTube and Facebook, incorporating support for 360-degree content, resulting in more consumers viewing and sharing immersive videos and images. Samsung is elated to be at the forefront of developing the technology which enables our consumers to participate in VR storytelling with self-produced content,” concludes Fleischer.



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