The Four Not-so-Obvious Benefits of Staying in Res

September and October are always an exciting time for school leavers and first-time university applicants.

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Degree, diploma and course selection is well underway and prospective students are making plans for the coming academic year.

One of the most exciting parts of the planning process is choosing accommodation. Should you stay in a university residence close to university life, a commune with people you’ve not lived with before, or rent a flat and equip it from scratch?  Respublica, South Africa’s leading provider of private student accommodation, highlights the four of the not-so-obvious benefits of staying in res:

1. Friends, support and involvement in student activities

For many, going off to University is their first experience of leaving their home, town or even province as they begin their tertiary education journey.

Res offerings should be tailored to offer the ideal lifestyle for a well-rounded student looking to thrive in their academic career while making the most of the exciting student experiences synonymous with leaving home and being at university.

Residence Life programmes that provide students with co-curricular educational support and an array of student activities are key to making the most of your varsity experience. These could include orientation, life skills and diversity programmes, residence sports teams and inter-residence leagues.

These formal and impromptu social and cultural activities take place throughout the year and allow for students to enjoy the full university experience, establish solid friendships and create a support base along the way. Choosing a residence that has an active and involved student community means that you’ll make the most of everything that university offers.

2. Location, location, location!

Choosing a residence near the major universities, private universities and colleges is key to a safe, secure and hassle free daily routine. Proximity to your campus or transport routes will save time and money, and finding something that allows you to walk or catch a short commute will both keep you fit and will provide additional independence as you learn the university ropes. 

3. Value for money

A cheap find is not always a good find.  A fully inclusive monthly rate offering clean, well-kept accommodation with water, electricity, Wi-Fi access and study facilities that are maintained by a professional may cost a little more, but will ensure that most expenses are accounted for. Having utility expenses bundled into your rent can help minimise unforeseen costs at the end of the month, and will help with monthly budgeting.

4. Striking a balance

Choosing the right residence that operates within a well-defined set of house rules that are actively managed and enforced will ensure a safe environment with the best possible balance of work and play for all residents. The perfect student environment ensures the best of university life, allowing students to feel that they’re part of a community. It’s also important that the chosen accommodation has quiet spaces for students to hit the books.


“It’s important to keep these points in mind when looking for student accommodation for the 2018 academic year,” says Craig McMurray, CEO of Respublica. “While there are many accommodation options available for prospective students, not all of them offer high-quality, purpose-built student accommodation and facilities that contribute to academic success. You’ll also be happier knowing that your accommodation provider has gone above and beyond to ensure academic success, all while make it possible for students to enjoy the quintessential university experience.”



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