Thrupps Illovo Centre Cares campaign debuts with student success drive

Community shopping Centre, Thrupps Illovo Centre – nestled in the heart of the leafy suburb of Illovo, Johannesburg – has launched the Thrupps Illovo Centre Cares campaign, a community-driven response focused on making a meaningful difference through the Centre’s CSI projects. 


Image supplied by Thrupps Illovo Centre 


Rolled out in mid-2021, the year-long Thrupps Illovo Centre Cares campaign was designed to support the essential needs of young students with promising futures. As part of this heartfelt initiative, Thrupps Illovo Centre has elected to take Zenzeleni Primary School under its wing – or ‘adopt’, if you will – for the full duration of this year’s campaign. The state-owned school, located in Alexandra, Johannesburg, was endorsed by the Centre’s security partners, GTS Security, who have an emotional connection with the school and its very special students. 

To mark the start of the Thrupps Illovo Centre campaign, Thrupps Illovo Centre launched a student success drive in early May 2021 to collect blankets, school supplies and other essentials for students of Zenzeleni Primary School. Drop bins were placed around the Centre to collect donations, such as blankets, winter clothes, socks and shoes. Simultaneously, the Centre hosted a pop-up blanket store, Edura. This is where most shoppers who participated in the campaign purchased blankets from to help spread the warmth this past winter. 

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Then, this month, the Thrupps Illovo Centre and GTS Security teams met with principal Thandi Gumede at Zenzeleni Primary School to hand over the contributions and generous gifts. In addition to the blankets that were donated by shoppers, the Centre and GTS Security donated a further 20 blankets each. Thrupps Illovo Centre handed out the blankets as well as pencils, erasers and rulers to students of all ages from Zenzeleni Primary School in the school courtyard. 


“It was a very meaningful day spent with the children of Zenzeleni Primary School. We hope that this drive has achieved a result that will gain momentum for the next one,”


says Centre manager, Celia Nyathi.

She adds that for the October Thrupps Illovo Centre Cares drive, the Centre will be collecting sanitary pads and roll-on deodorant for the female students in light of Pink Month. Of course, the boys will get their turn, too, during February in line with its ‘blue’ health awareness days.

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