Kim Jayde Shows off her ‘Extra’ look with Barbie Extra

Barbie Extra encourages kids to discover their own unique sense of style as well as to express themselves through what they wear.

Kim Jayde Shows off her ‘Extra’ look with Barbie Extra
Photo Credits KJ Productions


This new range of dolls that have launched in South Africa, aim to motivate and excite kids to be the most authentic version of themselves, a passion shared by multi-award-winning television host, entrepreneur, a Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 for 2020, Kim Jayde Robinson.

Barbie Extra dolls rock bold fashions and bright colours, and they make big statements! Each Barbie doll has their own unique style that’s playful and over the top. Kim took inspiration from one of the dolls to create her very own ‘Extra’ look, using more colour with her make-up than she normally does.

“I love that she [Barbie] could dress according to her role and mood. You can’t put her in a box. That’s still relevant for my personal style today. Women of today are not all one skin tone, one hair type, one sense of style & fashion. So why should Barbie be?”


said Kim.

Barbie Extra lets kids explore self-expression through style and offers an exciting fashion and styling play experience with posable dolls. They are all about having fun with fashion with glitter, gummy bears, emojis and stand-out hair — bringing EXTRA vibes wherever they go.

“I don’t think people get how major Barbie was for us as little girls.”


says Kim.

“She was a girl boss! Barbie was a pilot, a teacher, a doctor, or a model in a ball gown, she drove a drop top and owned a mansion! Barbie did that for herself - if that isn’t woman empowerment, I don’t know what is.”


Kim believes that

“Barbie Extra is unique and encourages young girls to embrace what makes them unique and different. Confidence is important from the inside out. Regardless of age, race or gender, self-confidence is a reflection of self-love! This is an incredible message for the Barbie brand to be promoting"


When it comes to fashion, Barbie Extra dolls have a ‘more is more’ attitude, featuring 15 pieces that include clothing and fashion accessories, as well as a pet and pet accessories. Each doll has 11 “joints” for lots of flexibility making it super-easy to strike a pose…any pose!

Hairstyles go big with bright colours and cool styles for an extra statement head to toe! The fun and playful looks showcase these Barbie dolls’ confident style with bold patterns, bright colours and cool textures layered together.

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