Review: One Fine Day by Irna van Zyl

One Fine Day – Irna van Zyl


When your worst fears come true 

Irna van Zyl, renowned for her police-procedural crime novels, tackles the psychological thriller with her latest book. Louw and Kristien are the heroines of One Fine Day and the story focuses on their relationships: with each other, with their mutual friends, but also with Louw’s shadowy family.


Kristien’s biggest fear comes true one day when Louw fails to return home after a work function. Questions swirl in her mind: Has Louw been in an accident? Is she having an affair? Has she been abducted, assaulted or is she lying dead somewhere on the Cape Flats? Or does their quarrel that morning have something to do with her disappareance?


Then news breaks of a man who was killed in a Cape Town hotel – the same night that Louw was at the hotel. And it turns out that the murdered man was the guest speaker at Louw’s work function.

Does Louw have something to do with the murder and is she now on the run? The police seem to think so. Or perhaps the disappearance relate to Louw’s mother, who was hijacked twenty-one years ago in front of their house in Tamboerskloof, an incident that left Louw psychologically scarred.


Amid her unanswered questions and growing panic, Kristien knows one thing for sure: Louw is in deep trouble and she needs to save her.


About the Author:

Irna van Zyl is the author of the popular thrillers Dead in the Water, Death Cup and Blood Stone. One Fine Day is her first psychological thriller. She is an award-winning journalist and was an editor and media entrepreneur. Irna was awarded the Order of Tafelberg for her business achievements. She lives in Cape Town and Hermanus.

Quote on the book:

“One Fine Day is one fine read! A pacy, thrilling page-turner” 

Paige Nick


Title: One Fine Day
Author: Irna Van Zyl
Publisher: Penguin Random House South Africa
Recommeded Retail Price: R290
Category: Psychological Thriller
Also available in Afrikaans (Op ‘n mooi dag)