Review: Sjoe that's a great read! Walter the Warthog and Sindele the Stork

A classic South African love story

Walter the Warthog and Sindele the Stork

Walter the Warthog and Sindele the Stork Book Cover

Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes 


Walter the Warthog and Sindele the Stork by Andrew Dawson and Haden Clendinning had our 7 year old in stitches, when he read it.

He thoroughly enjoyed all the South African slang, while learning the difference between graceful and disgraceful behaviour.

This book is easy to read for primary school children, and also makes for a great bedtime read for your children - if you are prepared to do the different voices, accents, and sounds.

A beautiful local South African story written by Andrew Dawson comes to life with the vibrant coloured illustrations by Haden Clendinning.

Walter the Warthog and Sindele the Stork, which was first published in September 2021 by Penguin Random House South Africa, is the first book in the three part collection of A Veld Friends Adventure.

A Veld Friends Adventure

A Veld Friends Adventure Book Series
Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes


A Veld Friends Adventure is a book series for children of all ages set around the Waterhole and starring a loveable cast of uniquely South African animals, including Walter the Warthog, Sindele the Stork, Mandla the Hippo and Beukus the Baboon. 

The book is available at all major book retailers nationwide, at a recommended retail price of R110.

There is also an e-book available, but personally I feel children experience more joy by reading or having the paperback read to them.

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