The Fuzz-Fuzz by Jennifer Lindridge

The Fuzz-Fuzz – Jennifer Lindridge


“Next to the wallah-wallah bing bang, below the trip-trap, the same colour as see-saw-how’s-your-ma is the Fuzz-Fuzz!”


Jenn and Dev are on the lookout for a Fuzz-Fuzz, but it is hiding itself very well.


You may ask, what is a Fuzz-Fuzz? Well, you can find it next to the wallahwallah bing-bang, below the trip-trap, the same colour as see-saw-how’s-your-ma, to the left of hic-hac-i-just-got-back …


Join Jenn and Dev’s search for a sweet and furry Fuzz-Fuzz in this picture book full of rhythm and sounds !


Title: The Fuzz-Fuzz
Author: Jennifer Lindridge
Illustration: Tori Stowe
Recommended Age: 0-6
Publisher: Lapa (Penguin Random House South Africa)
Publication Date: September 2021
Recommended Retail Price: R110