Esté Gross, Hemelbesem and UP Youth Choir releases music video

Don’t lose hope when you are overwhelmed by life. Just have faith and keep going, because together we can overcome any storm.  


This is the message that Esté GrossHemelbesem and UP Youth Choir (in association with the ATKV) want to bring home this Easter with their inspiring new single, DEUR DIE STORM, which released last week.

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According to Gross, a well-known broadcaster, newsreader and singer, this contemporary Christian pop song is about unity and was written when she was going through a tough time herself.

“Even in stormy times, we must support one another and continue to live with joy,” 


she shares. 

“The idea has always been to include traditional African genres in the song. That is why I decided to involve popular Afrikaans rapper, Hemelbesem, the internationally acclaimed, UP Youth Choir and talented producer, Gideon Botes in this project. We were able to create a unique sound, which includes elements of African hymns, hip hop and pop. The song was initially much slower, but I knew that people would enjoy the catchy tune and it was perfectly captured in the final product.”


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Sponsors were needed to make this project a reality and Esté was fortunate enough to garner the support of the ATKV. 

“We are honoured by the opportunity to work with the ATKV. Over the years, they have done so much to promote Afrikaans and it is good to know that they are backing this project. It wouldn’t have been possible without their help.”


The music video, produced by Common Ground Collective, further emphasizes the message of unity by combining colour, rhythm and movement. The video was filmed at 012 Central in Pretoria’s city centre, which served as the perfect modern, industrial backdrop to create a playful and uplifting feel.

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“There are so many serious, ugly and negative things in our world, and in stark contrast to this, we wanted to portray an uplifting, beautiful and positive message of hope,” 


Esté explains.

DEUR DIE STORM will be performed live for the first time when Gross and Hemelbesem takes the stage, as guest artists, with UP Youth Choir on 9 April 2022 as part of the choir’s Easter Celebration concert.

Hosted at the ZK Matthews Hall at Unisa, the show will start at 19:00 and is an Easter celebration about the difference music makes in the lives of the South African youth.

“Hopefully this project contributes to promoting unity through language and music,” 


says Gross.

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DEUR DIE STORM is a proudly South African initiative, which will appeal to a diverse audience and provide hope to those who feel isolated in the turbulent sea of life. 

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The single is now available on all digital platforms. 

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