Taylor Jaye launches her latest collab EP with Chin Chilla “Rise of Jaye Walker”

The first glimpse into the Rise of Jaye Walker came in July with the release of the EP’s single​ Miba (Superhero)​ - the success and widespread critical acclaim of Miba, lead to Chin Chilla ​and ​Taylor Jaye ​coming back with a full project.

Taylor Jaye launches her latest collab EP with Chin Chilla “Rise of Jaye Walker”
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They describe the EP as a Sonic Boom - a dance project with an electric mixture of Afro sounds with a predominantly Amapiano chord which has become a stable in the southern African music industry.

Chin Chilla​ and ​Taylor Jaye​ are biological cousins, hailing from the streets of Katutura and Otjomuise. ​

Chin Chilla​ has always worked with ​Taylor Jaye ​since the launch of her career in 2015 - by featuring on multiple songs of hers. So, the idea to do a full album together was organic.

Individually, they have both carved out a name for themselves in the music industry. Chin Chilla is a member of the first NAMAS nominated rap group the “Saints”.

Taylor Jaye is a NAMAS award winning, African chart topping artist who has worked with chart topping African artists such as Patoranking, Busiswa and Uhuru - with an electric brand on both local, continental and global platforms.



The EP is themed around their love for sci-fi and super hero comic books and movies since their childhood growing up in ​Otjomuise, Namibia.​ It is an extension of themselves feeling like real life superhero’s because of their accomplishments besides growing up in the hood.

Jaye Walker is an alter-ego superhero character developed by ​Taylor Jaye​ to call her crew and those around her who live according to their inner true self. Painting outside the lines of the rules of society - in a essence “​Jaye Walking”​ through life.

Therefore, while experimenting in studio, the cousins thought it would be great to document “Jaye Walker” through music.

The Rise of The Jaye Walker EP is a predominantly Amapiano / Afro House - but it also features bonus an Afrobeat track, which is a taste of ​Taylor’s​ next project.


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