Mzansi by Bart Van Dijck

Mzansi is a short film in a 12 part series from Bart Van Dijck.

The series directed by Bart Van Dijck and interviews conducted by Patrick Oosterlynck focusses on South African subcultures such as:

Sangoma Rituals in Alexandra

B-Boys in Yeoville

Kwaito Rappers and Pantsula Dancers in Soweto

Surfers and a Metal Band in East London

Car Tuners and Drag Racers in Durban

Golfers in Nemato Township

Gumboot Dancers in Zamdela

MC Waddy Jones

Xhosa Rap Crew Driemanskaap

DJ and Producer Ready D

Bart says:
"This is the story of a crazy bunch of South Africans.
They are ambituous, progressive and positive
but also marked by a history of apartheid, mistrust and misunderstanding.
They are looking for their place and identity in an energetic and rough society
that has recently been bombed into an eclectic intercultural democracy."

Below are the 12 parts including the trailer to the short film Mzansi

Mzansi Trailer


Mzansi Part 1: The Sangoma's Daughter


Mzansi Part 2: B-Boys in Yeoville 

Mzansi Part 3: Kwaito Crew A.G.V from Soweto

Mzansi Part 4: Kwaito Artist and Mzansi Actor Chester in Hillbrow


Mzansi Part 5: Talented Surfers of East London


Mzansi Part 6: Golfers in Nemato Township


Mzansi Part 7: Waddy Jones on top of Table Mountain 



Mzansi Part 8: Indian Car Tuners and Drag Racers


Mzansi Part 9: SA Black Metal Band Nicatas Drumer


Mzansi Part 10: Zamdela, Township of Sasolburg


Mzansi Part 11: Hip-Hop DJ and Producer Ready D


Mzansi Part 12: Xhosa Rap Crew Driemanskaap from Gugulethu