Birthday New Look

It's amazing how a few years ago, we had to learn acronyms that were a part of most people's vocabulary, such as: "lol", "omg", and "omw".

Once I became a mom and joined mommy groups, I constantly saw words such as "ftm", "ebf" and "lg". I'm not really a cricket fan, but everytime I saw the word "lb", I thought to myself, where's the 'w'? (Leg before wicket)

Now with the business, we have to be on point with social media, and on Instagram there's words such as "qotd" and "ootd" that I thought I would never use, but funny enough it's not about what I like, more of what your audience wants to see.

It's so true about change. It's inevitable. The world is constantly moving, constantly changing and we need to keep up.

We have evolved from marketing only through print media, to using digital media as well. We have to not only have a social media presence, but also be constantly active. It's not enough to have a logo, we have to ever so often re-evaluate our logo, our design, and even our font.


The concept of 'I Love ZA' came about in March 2015 and on 25 June 2015 we launched our website and online store. A lot has happened in the year, with an increasing amount of content and products, and of course the launch of our App in October 2015.

It's almost a year now and to celebrate our first birthday we have decided to re-design our website to fit in with the latest trends and hopefully make it even easier for our users and customers to navigate the website and shop online.

Give us your thoughts on the new design, we'd love to hear what you think.


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